Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (2024)

This list ranks the game’s available Ascension Perks from most potent to weaklings that should be avoided like a black hole. Each Perk’s strategic value, usability, and overall gameplay impact are meticulously evaluated to offer players a comprehensive understanding of which to pursue and which to leave to the cosmic dust.

Before You Start: This Tier is based on “Stellaris: Ultimate Bundle.”

Key Highlights

  • There’s a total of 30 Ascension Perks in Stellaris Ultimate Bundle.
  • S-Tier marks the ultimate choice of Perks in Stellaris.
  • A-Tier contains one of the most powerful perks in the game.
  • B-Tier consists of average but distinguished perks.
  • C-Tier consists of perks that are below average and not very much useful.
  • D-Tier in this Tier List has the worst perks in the game.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List

Colossus ProjectSTitans technologyApocalypse
Defender of The GalaxyS
Become The CrisisSXenophile, Pacifist, Rogue Servitor, Subject, Galatic Sovereign, Minamar Specialized IndustriesNemesis
Mind Over MatterSPsionic Theorytechnology, Teachers of the Shroud origin, Gestalt Consciousness


Technological AscendancySMachine Intelligence
One VisionS
Executive VigorS
Universal TransactionsSCorporate, Criminal Heritage
Arcology ProjectAAnti-Gravity Engineering technology, Agrarian Idyll, Gestalt Consciousness, Rogue ServitorMegaCorp
Galactic ContenderACommunications with a fallen or awakened empire
Master BuildersAMega-Engineering TechnologyUtopia
The Flesh is WeakAQuantum Neuro-LinksUtopia
Shared DestinyAInward Perfection, Genocidal
Interstellar DominionB
Nihilistic AcquisitionBGestalt Consciousness, Authoritarian, Xenophobe, Barbaric Despoilers, Minamar Specialized Industries
Engineered EvolutionBGene Tailoring technology, Teachers of the Shroud origin, Machine IntelligenceUtopia
VoidbornBOrbital Habitats technologyUtopia
Synthetic EvolutionCSynthetics technology, Teachers of the Shroud origin, Gestalt ConsciousnessUtopia
Mastery of NatureC
Galactic ForceC
Grasp the VoidC
Lord of WarCOverlord
Imperial PrerogativeDCorporate
Transcendent LearningD
Eternal VigilanceDStar Fortress technology
Enigmatic EngineeringDApocalypse
DetoxDClimate Restoration technology

Enter the vast universe of Stellaris, where empires rise and fall with each passing moment. Ascension perks, one of the most critical aspects of the game, allow players to customize their civilization by unlocking powerful bonuses that can make or break their success.

S Tier

Starting from the best perks in the game, S Tier perks in Tier List are the ultimate best choices for the players. These perks have the capability of single-handedly influencing all aspects of the gameplay.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (1)
Colossus ProjectUnlocks powerful World Cracker ship and Titans, helps with endgame lag mitigationRequires significant investment of resources and time, may not suit peaceful playstyles, negative consequences on diplomacy and ethics due to planet destruction
Defender Of The GalaxyProvides significant damage boost against endgame crises and opinion boost from all empiresNot useful if endgame crisis is not close, doesn’t directly benefit empire’s power or expansion
Become The CrisisUnlocks a different game path where you become the ultimate villain, build a galaxy-wiping machineDifficulty forming alliances, becomes target for other empires, may not suit diplomatic playstyles
Mind Over MatterUnlocks Psionic Ascension Path with powerful abilities and bonuses, grants access to Shroud, immortal “chosen one” leaderLocked into path choice, benefits not immediately impactful,
Technological Ascendancy10% boost to research speed, increased chance of finding rare technologies, great for early-game tech progressionMay not suit specific strategies, not as beneficial for certain builds
One VisionEarly-game boost with monthly unity, reduced pop amenities usage, and increased governing ethics attraction, helps stabilize factions and prevent faction problemsMay not be as powerful late-game, requires early investment in unity buildings and traditions
Executive VigorInstant boost to Edict fund with +100 Edict capacity, allows for multiple active Edicts in early gameFalls off and can be underwhelming in later stages of game
Universal TransactionsReduced branch office costs and free commercial pacts for MegaCorp playersOnly useful for MegaCorp players, limited usefulness for other empire types, benefits limited beyond reduced branch office costs and free commercial pacts

A Tier

These perks may be better, but they can change the game altogether. A Tier in Stellaris Ascension Perks contains bonuses that can give tough competition to others.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (2)
Arcology ProjectEnables construction of ecumenopolis, helps expand empire without acquiring additional planets, significant resource production and reduced housing needsRequires significant investment of resources and time, may not suit broad build strategies
Galactic WondersAccess to massive sci-fi megastructures like Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres, impressive additions to empire, significant energy and mineral outputRequires significant investment of time and resources, benefits may not be immediately useful
Galactic ContenderProvides bonuses in diplomatic weight and damage against specific enemies, situational usefulnessLimited impact on gameplay outside specific scenarios
Master BuildersSignificant boost to Megastructure build speed and capacity, faster construction, ability to build multiple megastructures simultaneouslyBenefits players focusing on building megastructures, no immediate benefits, requires investment to take advantage of the boost
The Flesh is WeakCybernetic Ascension Path, unlocks bonuses for turning population into cyborgs, habitability and leader lifespan bonuses, bonus output from cyborgsLocked into the Cybernetic Ascension Path once chosen, starting cybernetic bonuses may not be impressive
Shared DestinyProvides envoys and loyalty bonuses for Overlords, improves relationships with other empires, ideal for empires with many subjectsOnly useful for empires with subjects, not beneficial for all playstyles

B Tier

Falling under the A Tier Perks in Stellaris Ascension, these perks are the average perks. A lot can be achieved if these perks are put into use properly.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (3)
TerraformingProvides flexibility in customizing worlds, powerful tool for expanding resources, allows creation of specialized worldsRequires significant resources and time investment, some options may not be useful, not a top priority for military-focused economies
Interstellar DominionReduces influence cost of building starbases and making claims, helpful for expansion-focused playstylesNot useful for empires not relying on building starbases, other perks may provide more significant benefits
Nihilistic AcquisitionUnlocks raiding bombardment stance, allows abduction of enemy pops, can weaken enemy empiresSituational and may not be helpful in every game, can damage relationships with other empires, requires specific playstyle
Engineered EvolutionAllows creation of specialized clones and tailored species traits, high population growth potential, unique gameplayRestricted to Biological Ascension Path, time-consuming and micromanage-heavy, may not be as impactful in combat as other perks
VoidbornBoosts habitat habitability and building slots, useful for empires relying on habitats for expansionNot useful for empires focusing on colonizing planets, other perks may offer more immediate benefits in terms of military or economic power

C Tier

Here are the below-average perks of this Stellaris Ascension Tier List. These are not very special, but they can still do some good things when used correctly.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (4)
Xeno-CompatibilityAllows customizing species, leads to diverse populationsCan cause significant mid-late game lag, benefits not immediately impactful, not recommended for low-end systems
Synthetic EvolutionStrong resource output potential, significant bonuses for synthetic popsRequires unlocking Synthetics technology, benefits may not be as impactful compared to other paths, irreversible choice
Mastery of NatureQuicker development of planets with blockers, saves resourcesOnly useful for empires with many blockers, limited applicability
Galactic ForceProvides temporary boost to naval capacity and fleet command limitTemporary bonus, occupies an ascension perk slot
Grasp Of The VoidIncreases starbase capacity, improves defense and repair capabilitiesNo direct combat bonuses, not ideal for military expansion
Lord Of WarProvides diplomatic weight bonuses based on fleet power, useful in federations and voting scenariosVery situational, not suitable for all playstyles, occupies an ascension perk slot

D Tier

Now is the turn for the worst perks in our Stellaris Ascension in my tier list. They may need to be more helpful, but the pros of these perks will state all the possible benefits you’ll get from them.

Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (5)
Imperial PrerogativeCan be helpful for small empires struggling for resourcesShort-lived perk, not beneficial for larger empires
Transcendent LearningIncreases leader level cap and experience gainNot as impactful for overall game strategy, better suited for role-playing
Eternal VigilanceHelps with starbase defense capabilitiesGenerally not optimal, upgrading defenses can be expensive and time-consuming
Enigmatic EngineeringAllows research of enigmatic techBonuses provided may not be very helpful or impactful
DetoxTransforms toxic worlds into habitable onesSituational and only affects a small number of planets, occupies an ascension perk slot

Tier List Criteria

With each completed tradition tree, players will unlock a coveted slot for an ascension perk. These slots are limited, and choosing the right bonus for your empire can mean the difference between dominance and obscurity. Players can choose paths from an endless collection, so thinking carefully before going on a particular route is essential.

This tier list has been divided into five standard tiers (S to D) for ranking the perks. Selection of each bonus at any level will be justified by comparing their advantages and disadvantages.

Tier List Perks
S TierColossus Project, Defender of The Galaxy, Become The Crisis, Mind Over Matter, Technological Ascendancy, One Vision, Executive Vigor, Universal Transactions
A TierArcology Project, Galactic Wonders, Galactic Contender, Master Builders, The Flesh is Weak, Shared Destiny
B TierTerraforming, Interstellar Dominion, Nihilistic Acquisition, Engineered Evolution, Voidborn
C TierXeno-Compatability, Synthetic Evolution, Mastery of Nature, Galactic Force, Grasp of the Void, Lord of War
D TierImperial Prerogative, Transcendent Learning, Eternal Vigilance, Enigmatic Engineering, Detox

This concludes my tier list on Stellaris Ascension perks.


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Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List [All Ranked] (2024)


What's the best ascension perk in Stellaris? ›

For any unity-focused empire, the One Vision ascension perk is an incredibly good choice as it gives not only a 10% bonus to unity but a 50% bonus to governing ethics attraction as well, making the populations far more likely to gravitate toward the empire's ethics as opposed to unrelated or incompatible ones.

What is the max ascension level in Stellaris? ›

Each additional Ascension Perk you unlock increases the maximum Ascension Tier by 1, with an extra 4 tiers unlocked once you unlock all of the Perk slots. This lets you Ascend planets up to ten times, for a maximum bonus of 250% of the base Planetary Designation effects.

What is the max planetary ascension? ›

Once all eight ascension perk slots have been unlocked, an additional four planetary ascension tiers are unlocked for a maximum of 10, a possible total +250% designation effect increase and −50% reduction in empire size from that planet.

What does mind over matter do in Stellaris? ›

Mind over matter unlocks the Psionic Tradition tree. Correct. Also, selecting the Mind Over Matter ascension perk unlocks a Government Agenda which progresses by Psionic Theory 25% and unlocks as a permanent research option. You still need Psionic Theory in order to progress through the Psionics tradition tree.

What is the xeno compatibility ascension perk? ›

Xeno-Compatibility Ascension Perk to allow the reproduction of two organic species into a hybrid species.

Does empire sprawl matter? ›

The benefits of "sprawling" your empire far outweigh the costs. It's only there to give a chance to empires that want to play tall. As for fleet size, a lot depends on what difficulty you're on. You usually only want to build fleet size up in preparation for war, though, since the upkeep costs will hurt you otherwise.

What happens at 2500 Stellaris? ›

2500 is considered endgame, but its not technically over until the endgame crisis around that time point is defeated. End game crisis can start as soon as 2400 by default. Totally conquering the galaxy and by eliminating all other empires ends the game for me.

How long does it take to 100% Stellaris? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Stellaris is about 31½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 337 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the max Titan limit in Stellaris? ›

Titans have a strict build limit, with a base of 1 allowed per empire; every 200 Naval Capacity increases an empire's Titan cap by 1, up to a maximum of 20 Titans at 3800 naval capacity. Offspring ships have a strict build limit too: Every 10 Naval Capacity increases Offspring Corvette cap by 1.

Is it worth ascending planets in Stellaris? ›

It improves the planets designation whatever it might be and reduces the empire size from the planet. Ascending the world improves those bonuses. Some planets designations ascend better than others. In particular the forge ecumenopolis deserves your points.

What does the Ascension Tier do in Stellaris? ›

Each planetary ascension tier increases the effects of the planet designation by 25% and reduces size from the colony by 5%, which includes pops, districts and the colony itself. Ascension tiers are not lost if the designation is changed. All designations gain +10% pop growth and assembly speed on ringworlds.

What is the max planet capacity in Stellaris? ›

Planet capacity is capped at 500.

What is the end goal of Stellaris? ›

Players take the role of a single FTL-capable civilization, referred to as an empire, with the goal of exploring and claiming systems, colonizing habitable planets, and expanding their economy to outcompete rival civilizations progressively encountered through first contact events.

What do the unbidden want in Stellaris? ›

Malevolent, war-like and beyond "normal" comprehension, the Unbidden wage an endless war for something they call the Throne of Eternity, the right to which is measured solely in the energy of all living things, from the most insignificant bacterium to the most powerful intergalactic species.

Is Stellaris too complex? ›

Stellaris is a very complex game with lots of things that affect each other. For example, you can't just start attacking other empires because you want to, you need an official reason to do so, and once you do fulfill a reason that lets you declare war, whether you capture territory or not depends on other choices.

What is the best ascension path for science in Stellaris? ›

For an overall game-wide perspective, genetic Ascension with the overtuned origin is considered the best path, providing high pop growth speed and assembly.

What does the ascension tier do in Stellaris? ›

Each planetary ascension tier increases the effects of the planet designation by 25% and reduces size from the colony by 5%, which includes pops, districts and the colony itself. Ascension tiers are not lost if the designation is changed. All designations gain +10% pop growth and assembly speed on ringworlds.

What is the imperial prerogative perk in Stellaris Ascension? ›

Imperial Prerogative

Government Perk. Official capacity +2, Reduce Empire Size from Colonies by -50%. Enacted Council Agenda Effect Duration is increased by +9% for each unlocked Government Perk (Including this one).

What is the planetary ascension limit in Stellaris? ›

Players can Ascend planets up to 10 times, for a maximum bonus of 250 percent of the base Planetary Designation effects.

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