Gabrielle Enright Weight Loss (2024)

1. Gabrielle Enright | Facebook

  • Gabrielle Enright. 33339 likes · 2454 talking about this. I'm a local gal who always dreamed of becoming a TV reporter.

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2. 'This is emotional for me;' Gabrielle Enright promoted at WHIO-TV

  • 13 feb 2023 · Roachester-Cozaddale RdTemporary gross weight limit of 30 tons on Roachester-Cozaddale Rd both ways from CR-27 Morrow Rossburg Rd to CR-24 ...

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3. 'This is emotional for me;' Gabrielle Enright promoted at WHIO-TV - Yahoo

4. Greene County cracks down on cyberstalker - WHIO-TV

  • 5 jul 2018 · WHIO-TV anchor/reporter Gabrielle Enright became Sticka's second victim. ... " Enright had shared on social media her feelings of loss after ...

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5. Greene County, Ohio cracks down on cyberstalker - Dayton Daily News

6. [PDF] Welcome to Isolate with Resonate!

  • Gabrielle Enright 0414 410 963. Gabrielle is available for 1:1 coaching and counselling sessions, retreats and workshop ...

7. Local reporter barely standing in storm -

  • 3 sep 2014 · News anchor Leticia Perry turned it over to Gabrielle, saying, "Lightning and heavy rain in the area. Gabrielle?" "The wind is blowing very hard ...

  • This is what we call commitment. Check out WHIO reporter Gabrielle Enright on the scene in Ohio. News anchor Leticia Perry turned it over to Gabrielle, saying, "Lightning and heavy rain in the area. Gabrielle?" "The wind is

8. Reporter gets drenched giving live report - CBS News

  • Duur: 2:00Geplaatst: 3 sep 2014

  • A sturdy umbrella wasn’t enough to protect an Ohio reporter from heavy rain and winds. Gabrielle Enright and her videographer were soaked during her live television appearance, but they refused to let the weather stop them. The clip has since gone viral. WHIO's Gabrielle Enright reports.


  • Well-being is a complex interplay between mind, heart, body, spirit and environment. ... Gabrielle Enright: Wayne Enright ...

  • Free Spirit True North offers you the ability to access inspiring adventures, authentic leadership & team development, and wholistic health & wellbeing options in an integrated range of services. We...

Gabrielle Enright Weight Loss (2024)


Where is Gabrielle Enright now? ›

I'm an Anchor/Reporter for WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio.

What happened to Nick Foley on WHIO? ›

WHIO-TV anchor returns amid on-going cancer journey. WHIO-TV's Nick Foley returned to the anchor desk on Monday morning after going through seven months of treatment for Multiple Myeloma.

Who is Xavier Hershovitz? ›

Anchor/Investigative Consumer Reporter

I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan—just outside of Detroit and graduated from Oakland University in Rochester. Then, I packed my bags and headed north—first working as a reporter in Petoskey, Michigan and then as an anchor in Cadillac, Michigan before joining WHIO in November 2022.

Who is Tori McGee? ›

Tori McGee is the author of Sloths Don't Run, The Lost Narwhal, and the Ooey Gooey Monster series. She lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida (a city she'll argue is the best in the world) with her husband and children (who she'll also argue are the best in the world). Learn more at...

How long has Cheryl McHenry been at WHIO-TV? ›

I started working at WHIO-TV as a reporter in 1981! news. You can join me weeknights 5-6:30!

Where did Molly Koweek go? ›

News Anchor for WHIO-TV in Dayton, OH.

Who is the new weather girl on WHIO Channel 7? ›

Britley Ritz is the morning meteorologist for WHIO and Storm Center 7.

Why did Kirstie Zontini leave WHIO? ›

“I have absolutely loved my time here at WHIO, but as my family grows, I needed to find something new that would allow me to be with them more,” Zontini explained. During her time at WHIO-TV, Zontini has guided families each morning with her television, radio, and online forecasts.

Who started Xavier? ›

Xavier was founded as a college preparatory school by Katharine Drexel and SBS in New Orleans on Magazine Street. College of Arts & Sciences established, creating the University.

Who left 9&10 news? ›

Anchor Lauren Scafidi announced on social media this week that Friday is her last day at 9&10 News in Cadillac. "After spending six years with Northern Michigan's News Leader, Friday is my last day here at @9and10news. Thank you for trusting me to share your stories and welcoming me into your home every day!

Is Austin Chaney coming back to WHIO? ›

Austin returned to WHIO in August of 2023 as Chief Meteorologist.

Who are the meteorologists for WHIO Channel 7? ›

Austin Chaney is the Chief Meteorologist for WHIO and Storm Center 7.

What channel is CBS Dayton, Ohio on? ›

WHIO-TV (channel 7) is a television station in Dayton, Ohio, United States, affiliated with CBS.

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