Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)

1. PRO PICKS: 6 pros on the primers they lean on - inPAINT magazine

  • ... Sherwin-Williams Extreme Bond Primer. Both primers, he adds, are water-based, meaning an easy cleanup and low odor. 6. JEFF SOMMERS. Jeff Sommers, owner of ...

  • A good primer does a lot for you. It seals your surface, blocks stains, and helps give you even color when you paint. Depending on the substrates you’re working with and their condition, you might have several different go-to primers. So we asked six pros with a range of specialties which primers they prefer to work with—and why:

2. Kilz 2 vs. Sherwin Williams PrepRite Primers

3. Extreme Bond Primer - Sherwin-Williams

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  • Excellent bonding performance that promotes adhesion to interior & exterior hard-to-paint surfaces.


  • The top performers we found were: Seal Grip from PPG, Stix from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, and Behr Bonding Primer from Home Depot.

  • Stained trim is not desirable by most homeowners today. Changing from stain to a painted surface is expensive. This video shows a less expensive approach.

5. How to Choose Primer | Sherwin-Williams

  • Learn how to choose the best paint primer for your next painting project. Be confident in the product you're choosing with this guide.

6. The Best Paint Primers, Tested and Reviewed - Bob Vila

  • 15 nov 2023 · Kilz Adhesion interior/exterior primer is formulated to bond ... Get the Sherwin-Williams paint primer at Sherwin-Williams. ... Sherwin-Williams vs.

  • The best paint primer depends on the surface, where it's located, and your preferred dry time. We tested top-rated picks for a variety of projects.

7. Primers - Sherwin-Williams

  • Extreme Bond Primer · PrimeRx® Peel Bonding Primer · Drywall Primer

  • Primers by Sherwin-Williams

8. Types of Primers For Different Jobs Or Surfaces | Ask a Pro

  • I'd recommend high adhesion primers such as Inslx Stix, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer or Dulux Gripper Primer. One gallon picture of Insl X Stix Primer.

  • There are different types of primers used for different jobs or surfaces. Ask a Pro: Call or contact Eco Star Painting @1-800-PAINTERS -We're Calgary painters.

Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)


What is Sherwin Williams Extreme bond primer used for? ›

Extreme Bond® Primer is a high quality, waterborne, urethane modified acrylic primer. Designed for coating hard, slick, glossy surfaces with minimal surface preparation. Because of the exceptional adhesion of this product, sanding may not be necessary for most clean, paintable surfaces.

What is the Sherwin equivalent to Kilz? ›

Sherwin's ProBlock line (oil-based and waterborne) is probably more on par with the Kilz and Zinsser retail products.

Can you use Kilz as a bonding primer? ›

Interior | Exterior Primer. KILZ® ADHESION Primer is a water-base, modified-acrylic primer specifically formulated to bond to a variety of 'tough-to-paint' surfaces.

What is the best primer for Sherwin Williams cabinets? ›

Extreme Bond Primer offers exceptional adhesion for hard-to-stick surfaces like cabinets. Plus, when you pair this primer with the power of a clean surface, you might not even need to sand. Once you've taken care of primer, the best paint for cabinets is Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel.

What is the difference between bonding primer and regular primer? ›

For example primers that act as a sealer deal with water stains, smoke stains and odor, etc. (problems). Bonding primers act as an intermediary coat between the substrate and the top coat. They ensure a good bond of the top coat to substrate, (prevent problem).

Is Extreme bond primer good for cabinets? ›

Ideal for surfaces like kitchen cabinets, tile, glass panels and plastic piping, the next generation Extreme Bond Primer offers a greater degree of adhesion compared to standard primers.

What works better than KILZ? ›

Zinsser shellac seems to be the more heavy-duty option, as reviewers say it completely blocks troublesome odors in existing paints.

Is KILZ just a primer? ›

KILZ® 1 STANDARD Water-Based Primer is designed for use on multiple interior surfaces helping save cost by reducing the number of coats of paint needed to achieve optimal results. It seals porous surfaces, hides minor scuffs and marks and promotes a more uniform appearance of the topcoat.

Which KILZ primer is best? ›

KILZ 3® PREMIUM primer is a superior quality, fast drying, low odor, very low VOC, water-based primer-sealer-stainblocker. It has excellent adhesion and provides a mildew resistant coating making it ideal for use in moisture-prone areas.

When should you not use bonding primer? ›

(Note: Bonding primers are not recommended for use over peeling paint).

Is Kilz 2 a good bonding primer? ›

KILZ 2 ALL-PURPOSE Primer (Previously KILZ 2 Latex) is a fast-drying, water-based, multi-surface primer-sealer-stainblocker with excellent adhesion, mildew resistance, sealing properties and very mild odor.

Do you paint over kilz primer? ›

Yes. The purpose of primer is to give a bonding agent to the paint for better adhesion. Primer also helps with color changes to minimize additional paint coats, and it helps with odors/smoke and mildew/mold.

What kind of primer does Sherwin-Williams have? ›

Types of Primer

Premium Wall & Wood Primer offers premium quality primer for the smoothest finish. Multi-Purpose Latex Primer is general purpose whole-house primer for multiple surfaces. Drywall Primer seals new drywall and previously painted walls for a consistent finish.

Is Kilz primer good for cabinets? ›

KILZ 3® PREMIUM Primer was also the best choice for my project because it provides coverage for medium-to-heavy stains, which will ensure that the current dark color of my island doesn't bleed through the paint. Apply a uniform coat of KILZ 3® PREMIUM Primer to your cabinet frames and doors.

What is the best primer for painted wood cabinets? ›

8 Best Primer For Cabinets That Work
  • Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer is the first.
  • Adhesion Primer by KILZ (Interior/Exterior)
  • Zinsser Bondz Maximum Adhesion Primer is the third item on our list.
  • Fourth, INSL-X STIX STIX Waterborne Bonding Primer.
  • Primer/Sealer/Stain Killing Interior/Exterior Zinsser Cover Stain.
Feb 26, 2022

What is bonding primer paint used for? ›

Bonding Primer provides a mechanical bond between a 'sealed' wall and the paint, which allows Silicate Masonry Paint to 'stick' to the pre painted surface. If you have areas of old paint on your walls which you can't remove, you can spot prime with Bonding Primer.

Can you put bonding primer over paint? ›

Question: Answer: Can Multi-Surface Bonding Primer (MBP) be used over painted surfaces? Yes, provided the paint is well bonded to the substrate.

What is the difference between primer and bonder? ›

Primers could conceivably be considered a bonder. We separate the two because 1) Both products promote adhesion differently 2) Primers and bonders are not interchangeable. Acrylics for example almost always require a primer, a bonder shouldn't be used as an alternative.

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