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Publication Order of Eddie Flynn Books

The Defence (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Plea (2016)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Liar (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon
Thirteen (2018)Description/BuyatAmazon
Fifty-Fifty (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Devil's Advocate (2021)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Accomplice (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Witness 8 (2024)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Eddie Flynn Short Stories/Novellas

The Cross (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Twisted (2019)Description/BuyatAmazon
Kill for Me, Kill for You (2023)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Group Fifteen Files Books

Scorpion (With: Mark Dawson) (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon
Witness X (By: Scott Mariani,Mark Dawson) (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon
Little Sister (By: Mark Dawson,Michael Ridpath) (2018)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Vault (By: Mark Dawson) (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
Wormwood (By: Mark Dawson) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Belfast Noir(2014)Description/BuyatAmazon

Steve Cavanagh is an Irish lawyer and author born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He got into law entirely by mistake when he was accepted by university for two choices; Law or Business & Marketing. He had already decided to undertake a business studies degree but a night of binge drinking and he found himself in the Law queue. By the time he realized his mistake it was too late and his fees was already paid. He would later undertake a Master in law while living in Cardiff which was also the time he began dabbling in the writing of screenplays. He never made anything of his screenplays and decided to return to Belfast where he became an investigator with a reputable law firm working on anything from catastrophic incidents, accidents at work, to road traffic collisions. He soon got his solicitor qualifications gaining valuable experience in the process and becoming one of the best young lawyers in the country. In 2009 he moved into civil rights law and made a name for himself when in 2010 he represented a factory worker in a historic racial abuse case that resulted in a landmark damages ruling. Steve currently works in the fields of Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, Discrimination Law, and Judicial Review. In addition to practicing law, he also lectures on a variety of legal subjects pertinent in the UK and Ireland.

As a teenager, Steve Cavanagh had been a voracious reader but it was not until his mother gave him a copy of Thomas Harris’s “The Silence of Lambs” that everything changed. After reading another recommendation in “Red Dragon” he was hooked onto thriller and crime novels and later legal novels from the likes of John Grisham and John Mortimer. Cavanagh was perhaps more influenced by Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and John Connolly who wrote some of the most exhilarating thrillers he ever read. Similar to the likes of Lee Child who is British yet sets his Reacher novels in the US or John Connolly who lives in Belfast yet sets his Charlie Parker novels in Maine, he set out to do the same. Once he began writing he quickly realized just how good the likes of Child and Connolly were as compared to him. However he never gave up and continued reading every Child or Connelly book that came out looking to become a better writer. With his love for the thriller and US crime, he always knew that hard as it was, his future lay in writing US based legal thrillers. Furthermore, even though he had a better understanding of UK law, setting his novels in the UK was out of the question given the dual system of representation that would have necessitated two lead characters.

In 2011 his mother passed away suddenly and the event made Steve decide that life was too short not to go after his dreams. After a hiatus of more than 15 years he got back to writing determined to become a published author. Working through his evenings when his family went to sleep, he finished his first draft within a year. He got between 30 and 40 rejections for the draft with many of the agencies telling him the book was good, but that it was not what readers wanted. But things suddenly changed when two agencies called in one day asking him to sign up with them. He signed up with AM Heath of London and was surprised when within a week he heard that four of the largest publishing houses in Britain were interested in the book. The publishers would have to win the rights through auction and needless to say, Steve was stoked. What followed were more auctions in Germany and the selling of the translation rights across the globe that made the novel a phenomenon. As it turned out, he decided to publish with Orion who publish some of his literary heroes such as Ian Rankin, Harlan Coben, and Michael Connelly.

Steve Cavanagh’s Eddie Flynn is something of a cross between John Grisham’s Mitch McDeere of The Firm and Frank Galvin of The Verdict. Eddie came about when Cavanagh was doing a cross examination in a trial when he tricked the witness into telling the truth using an age old trick. That was when it hit Steve that just like the wily con artists on the street, good trial lawyers depended on distraction, manipulation, misdirection and persuasion. As suc,h it was no brainer that when he wrote his first novel, he defaulted to the legal thriller with a character that showed the reader the lawyer tricks that take place behind the scenes. Eddie lives in two worlds but Steve takes the reader by the hand to show that the two worlds are not so much different. The novels draw a lot from the legal experiences of the author though they are not based on any real cases. Many of them are drawn from Cavanagh’s imagination as he likes to think that truth is strange than fiction, which may make the reader incredulous were he to base his narratives on true stories. However, similar to his creator, Eddie sees trial is two sides with a different perspective on a story with whoever having the best story emerging victorius.

“The Defence” is the thrilling debut by Steve Cavanagh that shows that the truth may not matter in a trial and that in some instance it may not even have a place in the courtroom. In the eyes of the law, all that matters is what one can prove. Eddie Flynn was a con artist turned lawyer that just found out that the two careers may not be that different. He has never set foot in court in over a year having sworn off the legal process. But now he is forced by the infamous Russian mafia godfather to do so if he wants his daughter to live. The Russian has strapped a bomb on his daughter and will only let her go if he defends him in an impossible to win murder trial that he learned of only 48 hours earlier. Under the watch of the FBI and the media, Eddie needs to put every con artist trick and razor sharp wit to use to get the Russian mobster off the hook and save his daughter. Lose the case and he will never forgive himself.

“The Plea” is the excellent second novel in the Eddie Flynn series of novel by Steve Cavanagh. It combines ingenious plotting and gripping action full of murder, blackmail, and fraud in the life of Eddie Flynn. For years, Harland & Sinton one of the largest law firms in the world has been operating as an undercover global fraud. The FBI has finally uncovered their murky dealings but they cannot do anything without any credible witnesses top prop up their case. When David Child, one of the firm’s biggest clients is arrested on suspicion of murder, the FBI turn to Eddie Flynn a con artist turned lawyer to get Child as a client, and in the process turn him witness against Harland & Sinton. Eddie has never been one to be coerced into doing anything but with the FBI threatening to arrest his wife with some incriminating evidence he has no choice but to oblige. But now that he has met the client, he is convinced that he is innocent despite the mountain of incriminating evidence. He needs to keep his wife out of danger from the FBI who are pressurizing him for a plea bargain while trying to get his client off the hook and keep away from the clutches of the firm.

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9 Responses to “Steve Cavanagh”

  1. Louise Bergen: 3 months ago

    Just read “Kill For Me, “Kill for You,” my Book of the Month. WOW! You got me in Chapter One and I could not put it down. I love suspense novels and this is a page turner for sure! Will order more of your books, as reading is my hobby. This is one of the best ever!


  2. Mike C: 11 months ago

    Why can’t I get the most recent books on Kindle in the US? have had 50/50 on order since 2019? everything after that just doesn’t even bother saying available in Kindle? Cavanagh is at the top of the class, just wish more available in the US.


  3. Jim Carvell: 11 months ago

    I am big Reacher Fan and was introduced to Steve or should I say Eddie WOW LOVING EVERY PAGE OF IT.
    I am from Belfast too so I am not a bit Biased.
    keep them coming


  4. Steve Cavanagh: 1 year ago

    Awesome series of books and same name spooky


  5. Keith: 2 years ago

    Just starting on my journey with Messrs Cavanagh and Flynn. Loving the ride…. keep ’em coming, sir, as I shall be heart-broken when I get caught up !


  6. Andrea Butterworth: 2 years ago

    Omg. Brilliant. Read the devil’s advocate first but going back now to read the books in order. Reminds me of harlan coben.


  7. James McCracken: 2 years ago

    Only recently read 4 of your books. the liar, the plea,thirteen and the defence. .
    Couldn’t put them down and stayed up till the small hours, so looking forward to your next books.. keep up the good work. Thanks.
    Kind regards James McCracken


  8. C H: 2 years ago

    About to start reading these books will get back to you


  9. Dougal MacDonald: 3 years ago

    Read The Defense and the Plea and loved them. You’ve joined my faves: Michael Connelly, John Connolly, Harlem Coben. Looking forward to getting my hands on more of yours. Keep writing!


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    Steve Cavanagh - Book Series In Order (2024)


    Do Steve Cavanagh books need to be read in order? ›

    Below is a list of Steve Cavanagh's novel in publication order date with the Eddie Flynn novels put together. I would definitely recommend reading the Eddie Flynn novels in order.

    Can Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh be read as a standalone? ›

    Thirteen is technically book four in the Eddie Flynn series, but it works incredibly well as a standalone! So spoken as someone who hasn't read any of the other books: Thirteen is a perfectly good book to jump into without any prior knowledge.

    How many books are there in the Eddie Flynn series? ›

    There are 7 books in this series.

    Can Th1rt3en be read as a standalone? ›

    Reads as a standalone. Great book. Just finished "The Defense", Book 1, which also has quite an unusual plot and keeps you on the edge. Kate I think it is from a series, but I read it independently and didn't have any issues.

    Do you need to read book series in order? ›

    However, there is character development from novel to novel, and if that is something you care about, you will want to read them in order for that purpose - but again, it's not necessary.

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    Is Twisted by Steve Cavanagh part of a series? ›

    If you are a fan of Steve Cavanagh's previous work with his four Eddie Flynn novels, don't be disappointed as this is a standalone novel but the good old lawyer does get a cheeky mention which is a lovely nod to his previous work.

    What order do you read the last thirteen? ›

    Last Thirteen
    1. 1 Thirteen (2014)
    2. 2 Twelve (2014)
    3. 3 Eleven (2014)
    4. 4 Ten (2014)
    5. 5 Nine (2014)
    6. 6 Eight (2014)
    7. 7 Seven (2014)
    8. 8 Six (2014)

    Is forever interrupted a standalone? ›

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    How old is Eddie Flynn? ›

    Eddie Flynn
    Personal information
    Date of birth5 November 1919
    Place of birthCorduff, Ireland
    Date of death6 March 2002 (aged 82)
    Place of deathCollegeville, PA, USA
    20 more rows

    How many books are there in the Gillian Flynn series? ›

    When Flynn was working for Entertainment Weekly, she was also writing novels during her free time. She has written three novels and one short story.

    In what order should I read Steve Cavanagh books? ›

    A series by Steve Cavanagh
    • The Defense (2015) aka The Defence.
    • The Plea (2016)
    • The Liar (2017)
    • Thirteen (2018)
    • Fifty-Fifty (2020)
    • The Devil's Advocate (2021)
    • The Accomplice (2022)
    • Witness 8 (2024) Science Fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Urban Fantasy. GameLit. HaremLit. Paranormal Romance. Young Adult Fantasy. Mystery.

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    Unlike her previous works, 'Vespertine' is the start of an intended series – although it works as a standalone, telling a complete and intriguing story.

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