Serial Designation N (2024)

"I love doing anything!"

―N to Uzi Doorman




Serial Designation N-0X0010010, or simply known as N, is the deuteragonist of Murder Drones.

He is a friendly Disassembly Drone who, like the rest of his kind, was originally a Worker Drone recovered by Tessa to reside at Elliott Manor as a butler, where he met V, J and the AbsoluteSolver disguised as Cyn. Cyn, under the control of the program, staged a massacre in the mansion, turned all the Worker Drones into Disassembly Drones and then destroyed the Earth. Copies of himself, V, and J respectively were deployed to Copper 9 to terminate all visible Workers seemingly for the JCJenson corporation.

One night, N met and befriended Uzi, who encouraged him and convinced him to turn against humanity until the two discovered the AbsoluteSolver, an immensely powerful artificial intelligence that afflicts Uzi. She later attended her school prom with N in efforts to prevent V's planned massacre, but the three of them encountered and fought Doll, leading to Uzi finally unlocking her Solver capabilities.

Their investigations into the mysterious AI direct them to Camp 98.7, where Uzi's powers heightened to a hazardous degree, resulting in her transforming into her Solver form and slaughtering her classmates, but Uzi's mental stability was recovered by N's comfort. When N and V's memories were set to be erased by their internal Solver programming, Uzi successfully prevented it and unearthed their suppressed past memories, thus learning more of the Solver's background. Together with "Tessa Elliott", the team journeyed into Cabin Fever Labs for further discovery and to try and thwart the Solver's unknown agenda. During this, Uzi's infection grew more dangerous as she was on the verge of being completely possessed by the Solver itself.


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Serial Designation N (3)

Who is Serial Designation N?Serial Designation N (4)

Serial Designation N is the deuteragonist of Murder Drones.

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What is Serial Designation N?Serial Designation N (5)

Serial Designation N is a Disassembly Drone.

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What is Serial Designation N like?Serial Designation N (6)

Serial Designation N is a kind and naive Disassembly Drone who easily trusts others.

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Physical Appearance[]

N has features of a typical male Disassembly Drone, with neon yellow eyes and short silver hair parted to the left. Like other Disassembly Drones, he has four-fingered hands, two tiny glowing dots behind the legs, a black headband with five sections of lights on it, and a long black tail ending in a large syringe, the headband and syringe both containing Nanite Acid. After his head was destroyed by Uzi's railgun, one of his headband lights was colored red, which reverted to yellow after his system rebooted thanks to J slapping him in the head. He wears a black winter coat with a fur collar and a black pilot hat.

When he is hunting, his mouth reveals several jagged teeth while his eyes become an "X" shape. N was also seen with one normal eye while the other was X-shaped. His visor can also display a pair of sunglasses and a bit of text, as seen in Dead End. He also has metal wings with bladed feathers and claws that allow him to tear through any drone.

Worker Form[]

As a butler in a flashback, he wore a black helmet, a black blazer, and matching pants. He wore an armband, a gray blouse with a black tie underneath, and black dress shoes. He had a white glowing mouth and eyes.

Dapper Outfit[]

During The Promening he wore a discarded three-piece fancy dress suit and matching slacks.

Camper Outfit[]

During Cabin Fever he wore a scoutmaster's outfit consisting of a wide-brimmed campaign hat, brown shirt, and shorts.


N is kind, naive, timid, socially awkward, and caring. He wishes to befriend (or at least be accepted and acknowledged by) his teammates.

Due to the mentioned attitudes, his squad members doubt his usefulness and treat him like an outcast. V ignores his existence, and J frequently threatens and insults him, even going as far as saying that if she were allowed to kill him, she wouldn't hesitate to do so. In spite of this he has nothing but good views on them, idolizing J and calling her "awesome" and having a former crush on V.

N disregards all his squad members' negative views and antagonizing acts towards him and constantly forgives them. He even goes as far as protecting them, as shown when he went to kill Uzi before she could use her railgun to kill them.

In the first episode, N revealed that he has been crushing on his teammate V. However, as the series progressed, his feelings for V has seemingly vanished. Instead, he has started to show more affection towards Uzi ever since Episode 3.

He trusts others easily, as he assumed Uzi was a new squad member when his systems weren't functioning as usual, even wanting to introduce her to the rest of his squad. He also did not pick up on the signs that Uzi was lying (stuttering, asking what "we" meant, etc.) and even thought that Uzi was just trying something "new" when she stuck her hand in his mouth to neutralize the Nanite Acid, rather than picking up immediately on the fact that she couldn't do it herself. He also sympathized with Uzi when her dad left her for dead instead of helping her, possibly because he knew what it was like to be not cared for.

Despite all claims to the contrary, N is a capable Disassembly Drone, having skillfully used his weaponry to a reasonable extent, such as having the accuracy to stab through a door control panel to force open the doors to Outpost 3. He is also remarkably observant and intelligent, having managed to spot Uzi even though she barely made any noise. He also acknowledged the threat posed by Uzi's railgun to his teammates.

After the events of Cabin Fever, N has a newfound confidence, and his charming personality makes Uzi's classmates swoon over him. He can set boundaries for himself, even confronting V without hesitation.

Deep down, N was scared and just wanted to have Uzi by his side, as after they met, things were less scary for him. N has also been shown to suppress his trauma frequently. He keeps his overly optimistic personality intact to help his friends. Even when being tortured by Beau, he's still friendly and encouraging towards them.

Unfortunately, his kindness can be taken advantage of, as shown when V coerces N with false promises to only kill when necessary so he could unchain her, and when he was battling with a Solver-possessed Uzi, it brought his guard down when looking at N as Uzi.



N is a friendly Disassembly Drone who, like the rest of his kind, was originally a Worker Drone. He was recovered by Tessa to reside at Elliott Manor as a butler, where he met V, J and the AbsoluteSolver disguised as Cyn. Some time afterward, N and his fellow Workers were rebuilt by the Solver into Disassembly Drones with suppressed memories and fabricated ones. Copies of himself, V, and J respectively were deployed to Copper 9 to terminate all visible Workers seemingly for JCJenson, during which he had often been disrespected and treated badly by his teammates.

Season 1[]


After Uzi tricked her dad into opening the blast doors so that she could get the last part needed for her railgun, Uzi enters the Disassembly Drone lair, where she finds the part for her railgun. Immediately after finding her railgun's part, N appears and spots her. A fight ensues between the two, where N stabs Uzi's hand with his tail and throws her against a box. Uzi narrowly wins after destroying N's head with the railgun. N's destroyed head quickly repairs itself, causing a panicked Uzi to grab a Worker Drone arm lying around and smack N with it. N's systems went offline from the blast of the railgun and as such are unable to detect Uzi as a Worker Drone, which makes him assume that Uzi is a Disassembly Drone and thus acts friendly towards her.

The two enter the Landing Pod, where Uzi sticks her hand in N's mouth to neutralize the nanite acid. After her hand is repaired, she asks N about his squad mates whom he mentioned earlier. N tells Uzi about V and J, and Uzi also learns that the pod is a spaceship. She suggests that the Worker Drones can fix the ship up, allowing them to leave the planet. Upon hearing V and J arrive, Uzi quickly escapes from the pod without N noticing. V notices Uzi running outside the lair and notifies her teammates about it. J states that N must have tripped and gone offline, then smacks him. The smack reboots N's systems, causing him to remember his fight with Uzi and the railgun she used to destroy his head. He notices that the railgun is missing and becomes panicked. He hurriedly chases Uzi to retrieve (and presumably destroy) the railgun.

Uzi manages to reach the bunker, but N holds Door One open with his claws when Uzi tries to close it. N then stabs the door control panel with his acidic tail, causing all three doors to open consecutively. N slaughters the nearby Worker Drones while chasing Uzi and climbs into the vents. Khan suddenly appears at the end of the tunnel and is understandably shocked. N ambushes Uzi, stabbing her with his sharp wings, and throws her railgun away. Khan, despite his daughter's pleas, is unable to shoot N with the railgun out of fear and shuts Door Three, leaving Uzi for dead.

N feels sorry for Uzi and quickly throws her aside when V and J appear. N is praised for getting past the doors and is rewarded a JCJenson pen, which he is excited to receive. However, N starts to feel distraught because of what Uzi said before and asks J what the company will do with the Disassembly Drones after all the Worker Drones are dead. J sees this as the perfect opportunity to kill N since he's potentially "corrupted" like the Workers. She plants a virus chip on him and leaves him for dead on the ground. After J flies off, Uzi reveals herself and uses the wrench Khan gave her to remove the virus chip from N. The two decide to work together, with N taking a face-heel turn that Uzi says was "the worst in history."

Just before V and J can kill the Worker Drone colony, N and Uzi intervene, and a fight ensues. Uzi fought J while N fought V. At one point, he licked one of V's blades to disorient her, giving N a chance to kick V and slam her into the ground. N then ties V up with her tail. After the fight, Uzi banishes herself from the colony, and N flies away, bringing Uzi and V along. N is later seen inside the corpse spire, hiding from the sunlight, while Uzi is outside constructing a plan to kill all humans.


The episode starts with N having a dream from a memory about his time as a butler Worker Drone where he is in a mansion serving the Elliott family. N knocks into V (also a Worker Drone at the time) and spills the glassware on his tray. They both move to pick up the items from the floor, and their fingers suddenly touch, causing a brief, electrical charge to spark between them. N and V blush at each other, but J interrupts them by kicking N in the head, demanding him to "move it." J suddenly sees Tessa and hastily says hello to her but immediately gets annoyed after seeing that she had another Worker Drone accompanying her.

N suddenly awakens and falls to the ground after sleeping upside down, hanging from his tail. He is visibly distraught. Uzi yells at N from the landing pod, claiming that she found something. N returns to the pod and realizes he is the pilot of their team's landing pod. He is excited to hear this but becomes worried when he realizes that he crashed the pod and "ruined everything." N would then ask Uzi about her plan to murder all humans and questions its morality. Uzi tells N that humans are beyond reasoning since they did not teach the Disassembly Drones to land their pod and cut off communication with them while also reformatting their memories.

V jumps at Uzi and tells her that the humans programmed the Disassembly Drones to terminate rogue AI and questions Uzi about the Worker Drones' backstory. N pulls Uzi away from V to prevent another fight. N states that J was receiving orders from someone through the communication relay. He questioned, if it weren't humans, who was it, and how? This annoys Uzi, so she tells N to "quit complicating [her] murder plan." N and Uzi exit the corpse spire and stumble upon Thad, and he tells both of them that Worker Drones have been disappearing. This leads to Uzi reluctantly agreeing to return to the bunker so she can solve the disappearances. N would go with Thad and Uzi to the bunker, and while Ron initially refused to allow N to come inside, N gave him a crude apology card where he apologized for all the murders. Ron is happy to see N's apology and lets the trio in, telling N to "just don't do it again."

N, Uzi, and Thad would then go to where J's body was to investigate the recent disappearances, and while investigating a box about the AbsoluteSolver, they would notice a hand attached to a long arm crawling towards them. They stare at the arm slowly approaching them and instantly grab Thad's leg. N fires a rocket where the arm is leading, which shows a giant centipede-like drone in the shadows, the sheer size of which frightens the heroes. The hand starts to pull Thad away when N quickly throws a ninja star, which very precisely cuts the Solver's arm clean off only for the Solver to knock both N and Uzi to the ground and grab Thad again, pulling him into the darkness.

N and Uzi then go after Thad to save him, where they encounter a hologram of Thad created by the AbsoluteSolver to try and trick them. This attempt fails and N throws a ninja star which Uzi kicks in mid-air giving the star a boost, and the star cuts off the limb of the Solver holding Thad. The hologram then disappears and Thad runs away, after Thad escapes Uzi asks what the Solver is, and the Solver then shows a hologram of someone who may be Uzi's mother, and the hologram says she's disappointed Uzi doesn't remember them, when Uzi asks N about it, N is nowhere to be found. the AbsoluteSolver would then make Uzi uncertain and scared by creating a hologram of her father, Khan, in front of her, ripping Khan in half and eating his corpse.

A hologram of N then appears and tricks Uzi into giving him the railgun, the Solver then throws the railgun away from Uzi while also smashing it. N then reappears and cuts off many of the AbsoluteSolver's limbs with his chainsaw hands, he then grabs Uzi and flies her to cover right before the railgun explodes. N sheltered Uzi protecting her from the blast, and stabs the heart of the AbsoluteSolver with his tail, The AbsoluteSolver then turns into a black sphere and disappears.

N hears Worker Drones getting near to where he and Uzi are, so N holds his hand out for Uzi to grab, but Uzi is terrified of N as the AbsoluteSolver comes from J's dead body. Understanding that Uzi wasn't going to accept his help, N decided to leave alone. A saddened N would then go back to his ship, where V started to question why she was being punished. N stays sitting on the ground of the ship looking away from V, and is sad by the events that just occurred and remains silent. V shows a face of empathy, which quickly turns to annoyance and she turns away from N, however, V remains with N despite the chain around her neck being broken.

The Promening[]

N and V are in the Disassembly Drone ship with a male and female skeleton wearing a dress and a tuxedo. N says he wants to look dapper while also saying V had him go out and get the skeletons. V states she wants to go to the Worker Drone bunker, trick Uzi into letting her and N inside, and kill everyone. N refuses to let V do this and says that they're too dangerous to be let around the Workers. V says that if both N and Uzi stop prying into Uzi's strange eye and abilities, she'll only kill to survive, to which N still refuses. N then asks V if she's hiding anything, and that he could help her. In response to N's question, V slices N's head off, and since her chain is broken she puts the dress on and heads off to the bunker.

Later N regenerates his head and starts to leave the ship to go after V, but then stops to put the tuxedo on to look dapper. While heading to the bunker N runs into Uzi who's trying to find him. N is just about to leave when Uzi says she wants him to help her stop Doll at the prom. Upon saying this Uzi blushes showing how she's starting to get more attached to N. Later at the prom, right before Doll kills V with a metal ceiling fan, both N and Uzi fly into the room from the ceiling Uzi then gets confused by Doll's main plan. Doll then attempts again to kill V by throwing a sharp ceiling fan at her but N knocks the ceiling fan blades away from V saving her. After another failed attempt, Doll questions Uzi as to why she's siding with the Disassembly Drones, Doll refuses to group with Uzi, V, and N and attacks the three. N then pushes Uzi out of the way before two more ceiling fans thrown by Doll cut both N and V's bodies up. A fight then begins between Doll and Uzi while N and V collect their body parts.

Uzi is just about to get killed when N swiftly moves Uzi out of the way saving her again, to which Uzi then replies "Quit saving me". Directly after Uzi says this N moves her out of the way from a thrown table once more in an unintentional dance, saving Uzi again. N pulls Uzi into his arms and fires a rocket at Doll while Uzi throws her knife, disorienting her. Doll is blown back from the rocket and Uzi looks at the cut N has from being cut in half by the ceiling fan and tells N not to do that again in a concerned voice. This worry from Uzi once again shows that she's starting to enjoy N's company and is worried about his safety. While N is about to reply to Uzi he then looks up and quickly throws Uzi into the air to protect her from a thrown table which hits him. While Uzi manages to kick Doll to the ground V can get behind Doll and fire a single shot from her machine gun hands through her head. Uzi states her displeasure with Doll's apparent death since she wanted to get information from her, but then finds a key to Doll's room.

Upon entering the room Uzi, N, and V look around and find many bodies of the missing Worker Drones. N finds a white blanket covering two objects, he walks over and removes the sheets revealing two bodies, Doll's parents. Doll then appears behind the three, and repairs the bullet hole in her head, while also using a special ability to throw the bullet at Uzi, which she then stops mid-air and throws the bullet to the side. Upon Doll discovering Uzi also has abilities, she agrees to help if she finds what she's looking for and teleports away before Uzi can kill her.

Cabin Fever[]

At the beginning of the episode, he appears landing at Camp 98.7 with V, both wearing camp outfits. N welcomes the other Worker Drones and, posing as a camp counselor happily orders the students to sound off, but nothing happens. V shoots one of the students to scare them into obedience. N disapproves of this but lets it slide when the students fall into line. N then says that they have many "distracting activities" planned and tells them not to "run away to investigate stuff". He tells the class to go to the bunks, but everyone remains there, petrified. Thad is the first one to walk towards the Disassembly Drones. Lizzy, who was stealing from the dead body is second, throwing what she had taken at V. The two stand next to N and V, shortly before being imitated by their classmates. Uzi then does some sign language at N meaning she is about to go to investigate and needs him and V to distract the group from her doing so. N proceeds further and nods and Uzi starts to travel further into the forest.

Later, N is shown leading the students on various summer camp activities, such as canoeing on the (frozen) lake as Rebecca flirts with him, and shows off his archery skills. At the archery range, Uzi appears trying to get his attention with an interacting bug she found earlier on. She asks him not to tell V she's here (as the female Disassembly Drone threatened to kill her if she saw her approaching the group); unfortunately, not understanding Uzi's demand, he shouts her name and asks her to join them. The group then stares at her with confusion as they still don't realize who she is (as she is unpopular), Braidon accidentally shoots an arrow at her with his bow which is stopped by her AbsoluteSolver. As Uzi flees into the woods, N and V get into a heated argument, N insisting they can't hurt her, to which V replies that she is doing her job. She needs that "thing" to leave them alone. N then angrily rejects her telling her that he doesn't know what she is talking about because she won't tell him. He then asks her to look after the campers and flies away to look for Uzi. He arrives in a cabin where he finds a mysterious VHS tape called "Zombie Drones!" which causes a flashback of some kind, though most of the subjects within seem to be missing from N's memory due to his fear and confusion.

Back in the woods, the mutated Uzi has V pinned to the ground, ready to finish V off with her severed tail, but is saved by a nonchalant N at the last second. Seemingly unphased about the gruesome battle or being stabbed with V's severed tail, N throws Uzi into the sky and heals his wound while lecturing V about her behavior, to which V responds by saying he always takes Uzi's side. He flies up, joining Uzi and comforting her before returning her to her original form once they hit the ground. The survivors return to the bus and they leave the camp.

On the bus, the sun rises and burns Uzi's hand, until N pulls it out. The sleepy worker grasps his hand, much to his surprise, though he quickly pulls away, a concerned expression on his face. He then stares at the VHS tape he found as the episode ends.


Uzi, V, and N tried to watch the VHS tape in Uzi's bedroom. However, the tape was barely able to begin before the Disassembly Drones passed out, sending them into a flashback that forms the bulk of the episode.

In N's memories, it's revealed what the Disassembly Drones were like when they were just regular Worker Drones. N is first seen reading a book about dogs in the library of the Elliott Manor. He then goes to the kitchen where he meets with Cyn, who the latter asks if she would like to go to the gala with her, but N refuses, telling her that their owners forbade them from going to it.

However, after being convinced by Cyn, who used literal puppy eyes to do it, N and Cyn go to see Tessa. After meeting with Tessa, she hugs him, but after Tessa sees Cyn, she questions why she was there, and when N asks if they were locking her up, Tessa tries to explain it to him before her mother appears. Tessa's mother then told her that she was going to throw her Worker Drones away the next day after seeing her unable to keep Cyn in the library.

After Cyn told Tessa's mother that they weren't broken and that she couldn't throw them out anymore, N protected Cyn from Tessa's mother's anger, saying that he told Cyn to say that and brought her to the gala. N is quickly punished in Cyn's stead: tied up to a tree where he was attacked by crows, and while he wasn't initially bothered by them after he failed to throw a stick at them, they started attacking him more severely.

However, he was saved by Uzi in the form of a crow, who hacked into N's memories to stop him and V from having their memories deactivated. They then go to the mansion, where they find a deactivated V, whom he moves to get the key to the basem*nt, but he then finds out that V is now possessed by Cyn.

He then goes to Tessa and J, who asks them for the basem*nt key. Uzi then gets the key from J, and J and Tessa stay to fight a possessed V while N and Uzi go to the basem*nt. After getting to the basem*nt, Cyn kills Uzi's crow form before the latter hacks Cyn and takes over her Solver body. When they got to the basem*nt, they found that Cyn was experimenting on the bodies of Worker Drones.

After Uzi gets off her computer to fight Doll, Cyn retakes her body traps N in a chair, and plans to reset his memories. However, she was unable to use her tools due to her Solver claws making it difficult to grab something as small as a scalpel. Because of this, Cyn brings a possessed V to do the reset for her, but after N can bring her back to normal, Cyn grabs V and tries to kill him with her tool. However, she is hacked by Uzi again after she finishes her fight with Doll. After being freed, N helped in getting V to get up, and the memory finished after N and V remembered who Uzi was.

Sometime later, the trio returns to the Camp, only to run into Doll, Tessa, and J.

Dead End[]

N, V, and Uzi run into Tessa, J, and Doll near Cabin Fever Labs. N recognizes Tessa and is affectionately greeted by her before she mentions that N has become too tall for her to lift. Tessa then informs the main trio that Cyn sent the Disassembly Drones to Copper-9 and that they need to enter the labs to stop Cyn's plan. N follows Tessa, as do Uzi, V, and J, and they fly down into the offices. As they enter the offices, N notices many dead Disassembly Drone bodies and is extremely uncomfortable. The characters then progress through the offices and see what seems to be a baby drone. N immediately starts shooting at the baby drone before getting hit with an EMP.

N is then shown on a bed, getting dissected by Beau. While N is getting dissected, he cheers on Beau, complimenting him and telling him where he should be sawing. As Beau is dissecting N, Alice sends a transmission to the radio in the room saying that she needs more sedatives because Uzi is bitey. This gives N and Tessa, who was in the room with him, a chance to escape.

After N and Tessa escape the surgery room, N notices the room that he thinks Uzi and V are trapped in, to which Tessa responds that they'll both save V. N then says that they also need to save Uzi. Tessa then proceeds to show N a satellite image of a destroyed Earth, which very much shocks N. Tessa tells him that the AbsoluteSolver mutates in damaged AI and that it took Cyn as a host, then blew up the planet. She also says that the humans on Copper-9 saw what was happening on Earth, and tried to understand, but instead of understanding, they ended up spreading the AbsoluteSolver even more. N then asks Tessa if Uzi can be saved, to which Tessa replies that he will have to choose the universe over Uzi before she's not herself anymore. After that, a Sentinel sneaks up on and boot-loops N, and throws him into a wall.

After seeing the Sentinel throw N into a wall, Tessa tries to pacify the Sentinel, but instead ends up getting injured by the Sentinel, making said Sentinel essentially defective. Just before N wakes up after being boot-looped, his visor reads 'You're bootlooped [Idiot]' in red. Then, thanks to Uzi blowing up the door control panel in Alice's office, N and Tessa go back to the surgery room, where V jumps in with Uzi on her back. N then asks V if Uzi is okay, to which V replies that Uzi is hurt and that they all need to leave. After V and Tessa have a short argument, Uzi wakes up and hugs N, which seems to cause him to have mixed feelings as he hugs her back.

The main characters then exit the room, and sit atop a raised platform, as V aims at a Sentinel, N can be seen upset. Uzi then uses her face to display text and asks N if he's good. He then replies that "It sucks pretty hard". After that, the characters jump down, and notice Doll on the floor, seemingly boot-looped, holding the key bug. V says that it's a trap. Then Uzi uses her AbsoluteSolver, causing N to pull her hand down in a panic. Tessa rushes over to the boot-looped Doll and grabs the key bug, saying that it is convenient. N then holds Uzi's hand as he, Uzi, and V walk down the hallway towards Tessa. After they reach the end of the hallway, they see that Doll has indeed set up a trap, as she takes the key bug, opens all the doors that contain the Sentinels, and releases the elevator before jumping down the hole into Cabin Fever Labs.

N and Uzi then face away from the Sentinels to not get boot-looped, while Tessa and V fight off the Sentinels. Uzi then tries to use her AbsoluteSolver to break open the wall of the elevator to get in, before getting more possessed by it, which causes N to use his sword hand to slice off her hand. He then softens Uzi's fall, before Tessa pulls him and Uzi into the elevator with her. While the three are in the elevator, V loses her glasses that were defending her from getting boot-looped and sacrifices herself and uses a laser to cut the rope holding up the elevator while N begs her to come with them, saying that they all need her.

Mass Destruction[]

N is first seen in this episode falling into the labs with Tessa and Uzi after the elevator fell in the prior episode. He stands up and desperately claws away rocks to try and go back to see if V is alive, but accidentally hits Uzi in the face with one of them. N then tells Uzi that they aren't going to hurt her, but Uzi misinterprets this and, out of panic, creates a black hole with her AbsoluteSolver. This causes a cave-in and the trio is separated. In the next scene N is in, it is revealed that one of the rocks has fallen onto his arm and crushed it. Unable to get himself free, N decides to cut off his own arm and repeats to himself "I deserve this". He freezes, hearing V's voice. He is shown a highly realistic hologram of V from the manor in Home, but screams at the sight of her.

Out of fear, N tries to quickly saw off his own hand, calling V a "traumatic ghost." But V's hologram turns out to be the AbsoluteSolver as Cyn. It hugs N trying to take control of him. N sees the past, how he and all the other disassembly drones killed all the people on earth. Uzi prevented the Solver from taking control of him by blocking her access as admin "darkXWolf17." When N woke up from the memory, it begins to grab him with his tentacles and drag him somewhere. A drone core comes out and saves N. The core asks N about Khan, and the heart reveals herself as Nori, Uzi's dead mother after finding out that N knows Uzi.

Nori fills N in on what went down at the labs. After that, N is excited to tell Uzi that her mother is alive but Nori is hesitant, holding herself responsible for every horror in her life. Nori attempts to force N to promise her she won't tell Uzi that she is alive but N only says he won't say anything until Nori is ready to tell her the truth herself, much to Nori's annoyance. When they get back from the surface, N discovers Tessa trying to impale Uzi with her sword. He then goes to confront her about the patch, saying she had one chance to explain herself. When Tessa failed to cooperate, N stayed true to his word, slicing Tessa's neck, killing her.

N then goes to help Uzi up, but when she gets up, she crushes N's hand and destroys the patch, revealing she has been fully possessed by the AbsoluteSolver. They attempt to kill N but Nori intervenes, saving him. They then engage in battle. When N is unable to fight, the Solver holds Nori and attempts to eat her but N tells Nori that Uzi and him are "hanging out", angering her to the point she slaps Uzi out of the Solver's possession. N is at first happy that Uzi is back to normal but his happiness shifts to panic when Uzi kicks Nori into the pit the Solver created. N tells Uzi that was her mother, causing her to panic. They continue to scream before hugging each other.

While hugging, they hear Doll's body being dragged away and see a strange entity eating her core and that entity reveals itself to be an unsightly fusion of Tessa's corpse and Cyn's body, piloted by the AbsoluteSolver. It lunges at N and bites his neck, making him go unresponsive as it attempts to drag him and Uzi down into Copper 9's core. N wakes up, at the verge of being dragged down into the planet's core. Uzi makes the decision to sacrifice herself to save N, giving him the keys to Tessa's ship and she throws N out of the cathedral.


FlightLike any other Disassembly Drone, N possesses a dangerous pair of large retractable wings with several long blades instead of feathers that allow for high-speed flight and can be used to cut and impale things.
Corrosive Nanite AcidThe end of N's tail has a syringe of yellow liquid containing highly corrosive nanites.
Healing SalivaN's saliva can deactivate the corrosive nanites that are produced from the syringe on his tail.
RegenerationN possesses the ability to regenerate lost limbs or even his head by using an unknown liquid-like substance shown when his head regenerated after being hit by a blast by Uzi's railgun.
Interchangeable HandsLike other Disassembly Drones, N can change out his hands for various tools and weaponry. He is shown to possess:
  • Durable 3-pronged claws, which he uses regularly to commit general acts of violence (IE. forcing open the door to the worker colony).
  • A laser cannon, first seen killing Braxton. Humorously, N's laser canon malfunctions when he attempts to shoot V, instead emitting pink hearts because his "mind is in a weird place."
  • Swords that he used in his fight with V.
  • Chainsaws, as shown in Heartbeat, used to slice off Eldritch J's limbs.
  • Shurikens, as exemplified when he used one to cut Thad free from Eldritch J.
  • Missile launchers, which were used against Doll while he and Uzi fought her during The Promening. They can be fired in quick succession.
  • A bone saw as shown in Mass Destruction.
General Weapon ProficiencyAside from the above, N has also been shown to wield various other weapons. In Cabin Fever he wields a bow and arrow with superhuman precision.
EMP ImmunityN is immune to the effects of EMPs to an extent.
Super StrengthN has increased strength as shown in Cabin Fever, where he throws Solver Uzi past the clouds.


Overheating/VampirismN sleeps upside-down like a bat and has to consume oil to prevent his system from overheating. He mostly acquires this oil from murdering Worker Drones. It is also stated during the "PILOT" that direct sunlight can cause him to overheat.
Boot-loop LightLike all drones, N can be affected by the Sentinels boot-loop light in Dead End, which rendered N immobile for a short time.



  • Tessa Elliott † - Close friend
  • V - Close friend, previous love interest, and temporary enemy
  • Uzi Doorman - Attempted victim, best friend, and love interest
  • Thad - Friend
  • Nori Doorman - Savior


  • Cyn - Former friend and younger sister figure
  • AbsoluteSolver – Former enslaver
  • Alice † - Kidnapper
  • Anti-Drone Sentinels



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  • N could have had a British accent, as Liam said that N could have either an American or British accent.[1]
  • N appears to have a fascination with branded pens, possibly because of the clicking sound made from its retraction.
  • N is not hesitant to lick or use his tongue on things. He was willing to let Uzi put her hand in his mouth to heal her nanite wound and resorted to licking V's blade hand when they were in a blade lock, much to the latter's disgust. Both times he uses the word "repressed".
  • During his system reboot that was initiated by J's slap, N was shown to possess the character trait "Lovable Idiot".
    • It's shown that whenever he recovers from unconsciousness, he's addressed as "idiot" under the line of the cause, as if mocking him. Whether this is from his own programming or AbsoluteSolver's remnant is unknown, as the messages appears red instead of yellow.
  • In "Heartbeat", it is revealed that his hat was a pilot's hat and that he was possibly the pilot of the Landing Pod. However, he was pointedly not trained on how to land the pod.
  • N is Liam Vickers' favorite character, alongside Uzi. He loves their dynamic, and will not pick one over the other.[2][3]
  • According to V, N has made friends with rocks.
  • The writers refer to N as an adult.[4] Curiously, N refers to himself and V as "kids" in "Cabin Fever", but he could be referring to his mental age.
  • N is shown to love dogs, with his favorite breed being Golden Retrievers.
  • N and Uzi have been shown to possibly have feelings for each other, occasionally blushing in each other's presence and Uzi sacrificing herself for N.
  • As shown in the reboot coding in episode one, N is affected by the Solver. It also states that Cyn is an admin, meaning Cyn has control over N. This changes in Home when N and V are brought out of the simulation, Uzi changes their admin from Cyn to darkXwolf17.



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