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  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 Pilot
    • 1.2 Heartbeat
    • 1.3 The Promening
    • 1.4 Cabin Fever
    • 1.5 Home
    • 1.6 Dead End
    • 1.7 Mass Destruction
    • 1.8 The Beginning Of The End Teaser

Season 1


"Did you just slap me with that arm?"

―After Uzi slaps N in the face using a severed arm.

"-Yeah sorry, it's just my head kinda hurts."

―N, mentioning how his head hurts when it literally got blasted off.

"Hey, are you new to our squad?"

―N asking Uzi a question while still not being able to identify her.

"You're a little, uh, short for a Disassembly Drone..."

―N being suspicious about Uzi's height, as he still can't identify her yet.

"I'm Serial Designation N, nice to meet you!"

―N's introduction to Uzi.

"I'm kind of the leader of the squad in this city."


"That's not true, everyone tells me I'm useless and terrible."


"Wait! I'm not supposed to tell you that part! Biscuits..."

―And some more ditto.

"Well, honesty is the best policy."

―Even more ditto.

"I also can't seem to remember the past 3 hours of my life, ah!, but I'm sure that'll sort itself out."

―N hinting to how he has some errors, which is why he cannot recognize Uzi or remember his fight with her from just a few minutes ago.

"Hoo, stuck yourself?"

―N after witnessing Uzi wince from her nanite wound.

"Just pop it in your mouth. Our saliva neutralizes the nanites, otherwise I'd be constantly disassembling myself."

―N, explaining to Uzi about their healing saliva.

"Disassembly Drone?"

―Together with Uzi.

"Sure! I love doing anything."

―N once told to enter the landing pod.

"Sweet, uh, I'm open to new things I guess."

―N after spitting out Uzi's hand.

"Talking about what?"

―N, after Uzi tells him to not mention what just happened.

"Consider it err... repressed!"


"Oh yeah, two others. They're out hunting for a bit, but you'll love them."

―N, once questioned about the other drones in the squad by Uzi.

"First, there's V."

―N introducing Uzi to V via a flashback.

"Soo V, uh, I heard this planet wide toxic death storm is supposed to be especially inhospitable tonight."

―N talking to V in a flashback.

"No worries, I'm N, but a whole letter is a lot to remember! Ha haha!"

―N still in the above flashback.

"So obviously a lot of mutual respect there, but secretly I actually kind of have a crush on her."

―N back in the present.


―N, panicked.

"And then there's J, our leader!"

―N introducing Uzi to J via a flashback.

"...thank you..."

―N in a flashback with J.

"J's awesome!"

―N back in the present.

"Hey, let me give you the tour!"

―N, being hospitable as always.

"Outside are the corpse wall, thingies, and here are the buttons!"

―N's mini tour of the Corpse House.

"Beep, boop, bop, bop bop, bop, beep, boop, bop bop, beep..."

―N, imitating the beeping and pressing of buttons.

"More of a one use missile; they never taught us how to land."

―N once Uzi mentions that the landing pod is actually a spaceship.

"Other than ingesting their WARM, SWEET oil to avoid overheating and dying, I guess I just wanna be useful."

―N, once questioned why they need to kill them.

"I was given a job, and I always wanna try my best."


"Oh my! You sure are rebellious! It's kind of exciting..."

―N, when Uzi ultimately asks him about what his fate would be after the removal of the Worker Drones.

"...but not as fun as, uh, following the rules."


"Hey, they're back! You'll-..."

―N, after hearing thumping outside.

"Oh... OHH..."

―N's reaction after finding Uzi and her railgun missing.

"You know, I left an-an extremely dangerous weapo- u-uh, excuse, o-outside!"

―N's botched up excuse to leave.

"Hey, fellas!"

―N, prying open the door to the Worker Drone Colony.

"Ooh, deal me in, I love Rummy."

―Ditto, getting distracted.

"Wait, no, ah, I'm going to murder everyone..."


"...Rain check!"

―N before breaking the panel and master key to the doors.

"I'm sorry. I really enjoyed our time together, but I can't have you shooting V with that thing."

―N mentioning Uzi's railgun.

"You, me, name, remember?"

―N, when V mentions his name congratulating him about opening the doors.

"Uh, you know, not that I can't wait to keep murdering all these, ha, uh, maybe-not-so-actually-different-from-us Worker Drones, but just out of curiosity, do we actually, uh...know what the company plans to do with us afterwards?"

―N, ultimately questioning the company.

"Ok, so, a Worker earlier might have suggested that they could fix up our landing pod to, uh, escape the planet and stuff, which-WHOA, hey, that's against the rules!"


"But it is kind of making me question why our pods were only one way in the first place..."


"'Cause, you know, I get the feeling the company doesn't actually love robots, and, like, we might be robots?"


"...I've made a terrible mistake. It's cool how immediately I could tell."

―N, catching onto J's accused look.

"Th-Thanks J, al-always looking-ng out for me. Yo-you're awesome."

―N, glitched out after J implements a Virus onto him for treason.

"A-ah, biscuits-s. I-I'm sor-rry. I ruin-ned your card game, that made you have an awk-kward moment with your dad."

―N apologizing to Uzi.

"Being rebellious is a lot harder than it loo-oks. Thanks for showing me the ropes."

―N, after Uzi scolds him for the "lamest heel-face turn in history."

"Tha-at's super fa-air. Ah, I screwed up."

―After Uzi mentions that he just killed a bunch of people.

"Hahaha, ha...I lo-ove doing anythi-ing."


"Oh uh, J, you're sometimes kinda mean to me, and I wish you weren't."

―N confronting J about her being mean to him.

"Just some constructive criticism!"

―Ditto, still trying to be polite.

"(J please.)"

―N, with Uzi, telling her who he wants to go after.


―N after his laser cannon comically fails, shooting hearts out instead.

"UZI! I'm so, so sorry, have fun repressing this, heh-"

―N, before licking V's swords.

"Huh? Oh!, uh, N! I'm an angsty rebellious Disassembly Drone now."

―N introducing himself to the other worker drones after Uzi is praised for fighting V and J.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Uzi-"

―N, leaving with V and Uzi.

"I'd join you if the sun didn't kill me. Hope you're having important character growth or something, though!"

―N, inside the Corpse House.


"AH-A-AH! OH, ah, I'm so sorry-!"

―N after bumping into V during a flashback.

"What'd you find?"

―N, entering the pod after Uzi calls for him.

"I was the PILOT? That's aweso-! (I crashed and ruined everything...)"

―N, after Uzi tells him that his hat is a pilot hat.

"Spaceship pilot. Origin story."


"Speaking of piloting to Earth, we sure murder all humans is, eh (inhale) "morality"?"

―N, question why Uzi wants to kill off all of mankind.

"J was getting orders from someone. If not the company through that relay, then, uh, who, and how?"

―N after dragging Uzi away from V.

"You good, Uzi?"

―N, with Uzi outside before Thad shows up.

"(You good?)"

―N with Uzi and Thad attempting to sneak past the crime scene.

"Ha ha, no. I'm very concerned, but also... pretty frightened a little bit."

―N, after being questioned if they do that often.

"Hey, isn't that your special eye?"

―N, asking about Uzi's eye when seeing the AbsoluteSolver symbol.

"(chuckles) I actively avoid unpacking how that works."

―N once asked about how he was able to regrow his head.

" good...?"

―Once again, when Uzi and N get knocked aside by Eldritch J.

"(Yea! Cool, Cool.)"

―N, deploying his chainsaw hands.

"-Great! You look great, J!"

―N, cutting Uzi off.


―(squeal of joy when invited to Thad's shindig.)

The Promening

"I do want to be dapper..."

―N looking at the dead human skeletons with V and N's prom outfits.

"But no! That's why you had me find these?"

―Dramatic N moment.

"We can't interact with the workers anymore V... we're too dangerous."

―N, reminiscing what happened after the events of Heartbeat.

"I'm not bringing you for prom murder, V!"

―N, rejecting V's plan to kill everyone at the prom.

"J went holo-spooky-snake-crab and we maybe grew up in a haunted mansion!"

―N, talking about the recent events, subsequently questioning who he is.

"Aren't you worried we have no idea what we even are?"

―Ditto, directed at V this time.

"V, if you're hiding something, we can figure it out together"

―N, somewhat disregarding V's offer to only kill in the name of survival.

"Even if we each only have pieces"


"Please, what do you know-"

―N before V cuts his head off.

"Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no...!"

―N, after finding that V escaped with the prom dress.

"No! No time!"

―N, trying to go after V, yet that suit does looks tempting...

"Dapper N~"

―N, the impulsive thoughts finally getting to him.

"You look- I, uh-"

"I could help"

―N, offering to help Uzi after her speculations about something bad happening at the prom.

"But you probably don't want me..."

―N, still guilty about what happened during Heartbeat.

"Dapper Buddies!"

―N, ecstatic.

"This isn't what i expected at all!"

―N, after seeing Doll attacking V.

"I guess we should-"


"Is this-"

―N, holding V's Severed hand before she snatches it away.

"Thank you, Lizzy-!"

―N, thanking Lizzy before getting ridiculed by both Lizzy and V.


―N, happy after Uzi tells him not to get hurt again. Until...

"AHH- oKay your turn-!"

―N, throwing Uzi before getting hit by a table.

"V did that on purpose!"

―N, accusing V for "killing" Doll.

"She's hiding mystery stuff and being over dramatic about it!."


"I think we found her folks..."

―N, taking the tarp off of Doll's Parents.

"V, you kind of suck."

―N, reprimanding V about her comment.

Cabin Fever

"Welcome, campers! Let's sound off! One, two..."

―N to the campers, suddenly jolly after landing with V.

"That's everyone! (Minus one...)"

―N after everyone does role call

"We've got so many distracting activities planned! So no sneaking off to investigate stuff..."

"To the bunks!"

―N, leading the campers despite no one else following.

"Close one!"

―N, catching Rebecca from falling off the canoe.

"Uzi, get on out here, this troupe's a team!... Wait, no, inclusive reflexes!"

―N, calling Uzi over despite her chagrin.

"V, we can't hurt Uzi!"

―N, trying to push V away.

"I don't know what you are talking about because you won't tell me!"

―N, getting mad at V for hiding things from him.

"What are you so afraid of!?"


"I am! Uzi is, she's a kid like us, V! What is wrong with you!?"


"Look after the campers."

―N to V before flying off to find Uzi.

"Easy there, buddy!"

―N, grabbing Solver Uzi before she can attack V.

"Haha, ow. Up we go!"

―N, after getting stabbed with the syringe.

"What did I say about antagonizing her?"

―N, reprimanding V while having his hand in his mouth because of the stab.

"Uzi, you want to tell me what's the matter?"

―N, going with Uzi to comfort her.

"Yeah, we'll figure that part out. But you know that's not what I mean."

―N, after Uzi complains about her cannibalistic habits.

"Before we met, scary stuff was actually...pretty scary, and tonight too, 'cause you weren't with me to make it fun somehow, I kind of forgot what that was like."

―N's heart to heart moment with Uzi.

"Then we'll stick together!"

―N, messing around with Uzi's tail to cheer her up.

"Eh, not like it killed anyone."

―N accepting Uzi's apology.

"Kidding! Just avoid another whole spire!"


"Baby steps. Together?"



"This breed is known for its friendly, intelligent temperament, and soft golden coat! Golden Retrievers are also— Us as lizards. J drew herself."

―N, reading a book about dogs.

"...are also known for having gentle mouths. Aww...! That's why they're good with kids!"

―Ditto, but back to the book.

"Ah... Not sure we're invited, little buddy. Why not just hang with me?"

―N, to Cyn.

"Dude... You know it's Tessa's folks."

―N, to Cyn after she asked him if she's not wanted.

"Don't give me those eyes."

―N, to Cyn giving him literally puppy eyes.

"Ah, we'll ask Tessa, OK? If not... Movie night!"

―N, when Cyn insists on going to the gala.

"Hi, Tessa."

―N, after being picked up and swung around by Tessa.

"You guys are... locking her up?"

―N, questioning Tessa and J.

"I-I-I told her to say that! And brought her here. I-I just... hate orders...?"

―N, to Louisa.

"And your fan's dumb...?"

―Ditto, adding more salt to the wound.


―N, getting pecked at by birds.

"(Giggling) Stop!"

―Ditto, revealing it to simply being ticklish.

"Go get it, goobers!"

―N, to the crows after throwing a stick.

"WOAH! WE WERE BUDDIES! ...darkXwolf17...?"

―N, getting attacked by the birds for real.

"So, these are memories, and future me is dead at a sleepover?"

―N, to Uzi questioning what's happening.

"'Cause... 'Cause of you? 'Cause you're doing that? OW!"


"...'Kay. You kind of seem like an evil ghost witch, though. AH!"

―N, to Uzi.

"Now! Now, please!"

―N, to Uzi after she says she can pull him out.

"They're that important?"

―N, questioning why his memories are important.

"Why? Who are you?"

―N, questioning who Uzi is.

"Ugh, J has it..."

―N, about the key.

"Psst! Tessa!"

―N behind the corner with Uzi.

"We need the basem*nt key. This bird's from the future."

―N, to Tessa.

"Who? Our Cyn? Nah, she's cool."

―N, after being told that Cyn's going to kill everyone at the gala.

"Not creepy! Sweet!"

―N, protesting against J's remark.


―N, calling out to Uzi after Cyn kills the crow Uzi was using.

"Is V... okay? Like, in the future?"

―N, to Uzi

"Not dealing with this great, to be immediately honest...! ...Okay, it's gone."

―N, after seeing what was inside the basem*nt.

"Ghost buddy...? You okay...?"

―N, poking at the Eldritch while Uzi is dealing with Doll in the present.

"Whoa, Cyn! For an eldritch... uh, monster thingy—"

―N, trying to dismiss the situation.

"...Peep this...?"

―N before giving V her glasses.

"I got you."

―N, to V

"Gentle mouths—"

―Ditto, this time with V.


―N, finally figuring out.


―N, to Uzi

Dead End


―N's reaction to reuniting with Tessa.

"(Chuckling) It is you."

―N's reaction to J's Revival.


―N, questioning why Cyn was, "siccing [them] lot on the human exoplanets."

"Is the secret elevator... labeled?"

―N as they look around Cabin Fever Labs

"And for Mom backstory. Right, dude?"

―N, to Uzi.

"That's not soon enough!"

―N, shortly before attempting to shoot the baby.

"(Giggling like a child) It tickles! The bad version, though!"

―N as Beau cuts him open.

"...Doing great, dude."

―N, encouraging Beau.

"Tried sawing there?"

―N, giving instructions to where Beau should saw.

"They've gotta be in there, right?"

―N, to Tessa about Uzi and V's whereabouts.

"...And Uzi."

―N, after Tessa says they'll save V

"No, Tessa, we don't have time–"

―N, to Tessa as she asks him if he wants to see what happened to Earth.

"Then Uzi... You can fix her, right? That's why you're here?"

―N, asking Tessa if they could save Uzi from the AbsoluteSolver's control.

"V! Is Uzi–"

―N, reuniting with V and Uzi.


―N, responding to Uzi's Message via his visor.


―N When Uzi attempts to use her AbsoluteSolver.

"Uzi, no!"

―N, to Uzi as she attempts to use her AbsoluteSolver again.

"V, come on!"

―N, calling to V to enter the elevator.


―Ditto, yet she refuses much to his dismay.


―Ditto, as V cuts the elevator cables, thus separating her from the rest of them.

Mass Destruction

"Uzi, help!"

―N to Uzi while trying to get to V.

"Use your Solver!"


"Oh, no no, it's okay."

―Ditto again after being reprimanded by Tessa.

"Uzi, I-I am so sor-"

―Again ditto before Tessa interrupts him.

"I deserve this, I deserve this, I deserve this!"

―N about to cut off his crushed arm so he can escape.


―N upon seeing V's hologram

"T-Thank you mine shaft trauma ghost, I can hear you fine from there!"

―N, while attempting to saw his arm off.

"Oh yeah~"

―N when Nori asked if he's stupid.

"Um I guess?"

―N when Nori asked if he has wings.

"Uzi's dad? What-"

―N when Nori mentioned Khan.

"Like Uzi? And a red eyed-"

―N when Nori asked who the Solver's host is.

"Uzi's gonna freak out when I tell h-"

―N telling Nori he will tell Uzi she is alive before she interrupts him.

"Sorry, ma'am. I won't keep secrets from Uzi anymore...even if you say it might hurt her"

―N saying he won't keep secrets from Uzi.

"Gave her ungodly eldritch genetics!"

―N when Nori tells him that she caused every horror in her life.

"I promise.…to wait until you're ready to tell her yourself?"

―N to Nori saying he will wait until Nori is ready to reveal herself to Uzi.

"Hey.. buddy... Yeah, that should help..."

―N giving Uzi the patch before she get possessed

"All I know is.. I need you. To figure things out... together..?"

―N to Uzi while helping her stand


―Uzi crushing N's hand

"NORI! I should mention Uzi and I-!"

―N trying to tell Nori that he and Uzi are dating.


―N happy Uzi's back but realizing she's going to kick her mom down the abyss


―N telling Uzi that that was her mother and then hugging her.


―N pleading Uzi not to sacrifice herself.

The Beginning Of The End Teaser

"All I know is that I need you to figure things out together."

―N reassuring Uzi in the Beginning of the End teaser

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