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Serial Designation N (commonly referred to as N), is the deuteragonist in GLITCH's most recent webseries, Murder Drones. He is a kind hearted Disassembly Drone who is willing to do anything, and just wants to do the best he can, despite being mistreated and looked down upon as worthless and terrible by many people.


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N is a Disassembly Drone with bright yellow eyes and triangular hand markings. His arms and legs are shielded in white colored armor, the ends of these armor pieces having a yellow and black stripe pattern wrapping around the edges. His hair appears as a silvery gray color and parts to the left side of his head, alongside having his own headband with five yellow headlights on top of his hair that each Murder Drone dawns. Each Murder Drone also has their very own thin and long tails, that of which N has. When he is engaged in combat, his mouth becomes jagged with his fangs being more apparent, and has sharp claws alongside retractable sharp yet vampiric metallic wings, his eyes also becoming a neon yellow cross, like a ><, all of which are features he shares with V and J.

For a brief period of time, one of his headlights had appeared red when his optic sensors were offline, in which no current explanation has been given for the reason as to why this coloration occurred.

In terms of attire, N sports a black hat, alongside a dark grey fur collared coat, the latter of which having a button in the center of his upper torso, alongside the hooded-like area appearing more fluffy than the rest of the coat, and being a lighter grey. On his upper left arm, he has a yellow bandage, possibly to stay in line with the other Murder Drones’ appearances.

In an unknown episode, he wears a black tuxedo instead of his usual getup.


N is a very kind, nervous, and socially awkward person. After meeting with Uzi however, he grows a bit of a backbone, acting more angsty and rebellious, but still retaining his nervousness in certain situations.

Very Spoopy Trivia![]

  • N was originally going to be the only Drone with any clothing, as he stole them from dead humans just because they looked neat.
  • He appears to have a fascination with clicky pens.
  • He shows up in the SMG4 video Mario Joins Discord as a Discord Emoji.
  • YouTuber It's Just Me Alex adopted him so N is legally his son


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N is kind, nervous, and also socially awkward. He always wanted to make friends or at least get accepted and acknowledged by his co-workers, which is a very hard thing to do since he's terrible at doing his job due to his good-natured, unserious, and socially awkward attitude that makes others look down on him and doubt that he can ever do something useful. This is what made him get treated as an outcast, his co-worker, and also unaware crush, Serial Designation V, never pays attention or takes any interest in him. His superior, Serial Designation J, often threatens and insults him about how worthless he is at doing his work and states that if the company one day allowed them to exterminate all the useless Murder Drones, she wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Although, N disregards all their negative impressions and antagonizing acts and would forgive them. His crush on and loyalty to V results in him following Uzi to the colony, saying that the reason that he needs to kill her is because he cannot have Uzi shooting V with her railgun. He appears to be very trusting of people and maybe a bit naïve, as he assumed Uzi was his new squad mate despite her appearance, even wanting to introduce her to his squad, even though she would be immediately slaughtered.

But, despite being a friendly Murder Drone, N is shown to be dangerous when he is in a battle, having occasionally murderous moments, it is seen in the Pilot episode that N is highly intelligent, skilled in hunting down Worker Drones, and is very precise in targeting his enemies. Showing us that he only lacks confidence in communicating with others but is a professional killing machine like typical Murder Drones when it comes to attacking his targets.


Serial Designation N sports a dark grey fur collared coat and a black hat, with silver hair parted to the left. His artificial lighting and Acidic Tail follow the same pastel yellow aesthetic common with Disassembly Drones. When engaged in combat, he has a jagged mouth, sharp metal wings and claws, and his eyes are replaced by a neon yellow cross/x.


Sometime in the past before landing on copper-9, N was previously a worker drone and worked alongside V and J as servants in a mansion. During a party, N would take away a few glasses, but accidently drop them after bumping into V. After an awkward moment between the two, J would kick N away, before being startled by the appearance of Tessa, who had brought a new worker drone with her.

Serial Designation N first arrived on copper-9 with V and J with the job of killing all the worker drones.

Serial Designation N (2024)
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