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Can Germany's coalition recover after EU vote?

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

EU election: Germany rules out snap election after AfD gains

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

EU elections: No hard right turn in the east

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

What to expect as dust settles on EU elections

PoliticsJune 10, 202402:28 min

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June 10, 2024

Gaza war: UN Security Council adopts US cease-fire plan

June 10, 2024

Malawi: Plane carrying VP Saulos Chilima goes missing

June 10, 2024

Spain: Football fans sentenced for Vinicius racist abuse

June 10, 2024

Germany: Security a 'top priority' as Euro 2024 nears

June 10, 2024

Germany, France commemorate victims of Oradour Nazi massacre

June 10, 2024

India: Hindu pilgrims dead after militant attack in Kashmir

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News and current affairs from Germany and around the world – DW (8)News and current affairs from Germany and around the world – DW (9)

Image: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture allianceImage: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture alliance

Euroskeptic parties make major gains in EU election

Far-right parties made major gains in the EU elections. DW looks at what that could mean for the bloc and its members.

AfD: How Germany's far right won over young voters

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

BSW: Germany's new populists challenge the far-right AfD

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

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Fiber-optic leap bridges African digital divide

Though tech giants are investing in Africa's digital infrastructure, people across the continent have been left behind.

TechnologyJune 10, 2024

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Japan: 'Toyoko Kids' struggle to survive on city streets

Teenagers have banded together to escape abuse and neglect, but find themselves drawn toward drugs and sex work.

SocietyJune 10, 2024

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BSW: Germany's new populists challenge the far-right AfD

The BSW party took over 6% of the German vote in the EU election. Analysts say the far-right AfD should be most worried.

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

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25 years later, what happened during the Kosovo war?

The Kosovo war was NATO's first intervention without a UN mandate, and was highly controversial.

PoliticsJune 10, 2024

More from Europe

Middle East

Seizure of corridor strains Israel-Egypt bond

Almost two weeks ago, Israel took control of the corridor running along the entire length of the Gaza-Egypt border.

ConflictsJune 10, 202402:32 min

More from Middle East

North America

A historic heat wave hits the United States

Even places like Las Vegas and Death Valley have never seen such high temperatures so early in the year.

CatastropheJune 10, 20248 images

More from North America

Latin America

Medical tourism booms in Mexico

Foreigners, especially from the United States, visit the country for its affordable prices and personalized care.

HealthJune 8, 202403:36 min

More from Latin America


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Top stories in 90 seconds

Top stories in 90 seconds

DW brings you the top international news stories in brief.

June 10, 202401:36 min

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Dangerous diving - Child gold miners in the Philippines

Dangerous diving - Child gold miners in the Philippines

The Philippines has vast deposits of gold. But much of it is mined by children.

June 10, 202407:55 min

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Berlin football club gives opportunities to African players

The Motherland Berlin SC is a new football club in Berlin that wants to give players from Africa a chance.

SportsJune 10, 202401:31 min

Africa sees rise in e-commerce, digital marketplace

As online shopping grows across Africa, how can the continent unlock its e-commerce potential?

BusinessJune 9, 2024

Is Japan's car-testing scandal the new Dieselgate?

Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki and Yamaha were found to have submitted incorrect or manipulated test data when certifying cars.

BusinessJune 9, 2024

Nefertiti bust: Ambassador or hostage?

The Egyptian queen's bust has drawn tourists to Berlin for more than 100 years. But many think it should be in Egypt.

CultureJune 8, 202413:06 min

Racism 'on the rise' 20 years after NSU bombing

German officials rejected the notion that the attack was motivated by racism — and they accused the victims instead.

PoliticsJune 8, 2024

Baltics join the ammunitions race

The Baltic states are setting up their own ammunition factories to be ready in case of a potential attack from Russia.

PoliticsJune 7, 2024

Specials & Events

UEFA European Championship 2024

Germany is hosting Euro 2024 starting on June 14 and culminating with the final in Berlin's Olympic Stadium on July 14.

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How reliable is the average German?

Cliche has it that the Germans are generally reliable. But is it true? Not always.

SocietyJune 10, 202404:57 min

Dancer Yoann Bourgeois falls with grace

The choreography of French dancer Yoann Bourgeois mesmerizes theater audiences, as well as pop stars.

LifestyleJune 9, 202404:54 min

Is sustainable living becoming a trend in Hungary?

More and more Hungarian families are opting for sustainable living over a consumer society.

Nature and EnvironmentJune 9, 20247 images

What happened to the legendary Amber Room?

It's been 80 years since the chamber made almost entirely of amber disappeared from a palace near St. Petersburg.

CultureJune 8, 202411:49 min

In Nepal, climate change threatens honey hunters' tradition

The Himalayan honeybee is in danger, threatened by erratic weather conditions caused by climate change.

Nature and EnvironmentJune 8, 20248 images

Berlin's Olympic Stadium has a long, storied history

The final for the men's European Football Championship will be held in one of Germany's biggest stadiums.

SportsJune 8, 202405:00 min


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