Last Epoch Warlock build guide (2024)

Find the best Warlock class build in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Warlock build guide (1)

The best Last Epoch Warlock build is a powerful mid-range class that focuses on damage over time and curses. Curse your enemies and either drain their blood, poison them, or deal continuous necrotic damage to win the battle, but beware that you’ll need to find attacks that synergize together and focus on the same damage type, so you can fully benefit from your passive skills. From active skills to passive skill point distribution, here’s how to get the best Warlock build in Last Epoch.

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The Last Epoch Warlock class is an Acolyte Mastery and therefore closely related to the Necromancer and Lich. The Warlock’s biggest strength is its damage over time potential, which may stem from poison, necrotic damage, or bleed effects. To maximize your Warlock build’s power, it’s best to focus on one type of damage and buff it as much as possible. In this Warlock build, all attacks are converted to Bleed for that reason.

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  • Chthonic Fissure: fully upgrade Blood Gulch to inflict Bleed, and upgrade Stygian Current and Chaotic Rupture to cast more fissures and convert them to Chaos Bolts respectively. It’s highly recommended to upgrade Fragile Crust to reduce the mana cost.
  • Chaos Bolts: fully upgrade Condemned to Chaos, Grave for Two, and The Burn to extend Chthonic Fissure duration. Upgrade Sanguine Reverie, Another Affliction, Exacted Libation, and Cursed Blood to convert to physical and trigger Bone Curses and Rip Blood attacks. Recommended upgrades: Doom’s Vindication and Devour the Dead.
  • Rip Blood: upgrade Gushing Wound and Splatter for better Bleed damage. It’s recommended to use Hemomancer and Quenching for better HP recovery.
  • Bone Curse: fully upgrade Cloven Flesh to give Bone Curse a Bleed chance. Fully upgrade Conflation, Iron Maiden, and Brittle Bones to affect a larger area and deal better damage. Use Marrow Thief to gain armour upon kill and thus improve your defensiveness.
  • Spirit Plague: fully upgrade Pestilence, Haemorrhage, and Laceration to deal Bleed damage. Consider upgrading Exsanguination and Defilement for more damage and better mana regeneration but beware this casts Bleed on yourself. Efficacious Application may therefore be better. Plague Burst and Putrid Recovery are highly recommended.

The idea behind this Warlock build is to cause maximum Bleed damage (all of the attacks above either deal default Bleed damage or are converted to physical) and perform as many bonus attacks as possible. Chaos Bolts is the most important ability as it triggers Rip Blood and Bone Curse attacks, and also extends the duration of your Chthonic Fissures. Chthonic Fissure, in turn, sparks Chaos Bolts that scale with your Chaos Bolt tree. Spirit Plague is then used to gain a higher chance of applying Bleed to your opponents.

The best way to use this Last Epoch warlock build is to cast Chthonic Fissure, use Spirit Plague, then spam Chaos Bolts, which will automatically trigger Bone Curse and Rip Blood.

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  • Acolyte passives: fully upgrade Forbidden Knowledge, one point in Blood Aura, and three or four in Stolen Vitality. This added intelligence and vitality gives access to skills that improve damage at the cost of HP and prolong Bleed: put two or three in Blood Pact and the rest in Crimson Gluttony.
  • Warlock passives: as we’re looking to maximize damage over time and especially Bleed, upgrade Spiteful Decay, Cauldron of Blood, and Crimson Favors, followed by Vessel of Chaos later on. Put five points in Soul Stealer for the chance to gain mana on hit. Recommended passives for survivability are Harrowing Armor, Dark Protections, Wither, and Malefic Body.
  • Lich passives: upgrade Apocrypha if you need better mana regeneration.

The most important passives for this Last Epoch Warlock build are the ones that improve Bleed chance and Bleed damage. The Warlock tree’s Spiteful Decay and following passives are perfect for that, as is Vessel of Chaos. Distribute the rest of the points between passives that increase mana regeneration and gain ward or armor.

It would be great to have armor that specifically improves bleed damage or duration, but increasing your damage over time stat is a great alternative. Be on the lookout for extra intelligence, better mana generation, and better Bleed penetration too. As we’ll be converting attacks to physical/Bleed attacks, it’s always good to gain increased physical damage from your Warlock build equipment.

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Last Epoch Warlock build guide (2024)


What is the strongest warlock build in the Last Epoch? ›

Torment Warlock is one of the strongest Warlock builds in Last Epoch. It excels in applying Damage over Time debuffs on enemies, enabling it to deal exorbitant damage even while moving. Chthonic Fissure is the primary ability in this build that inflicts the Torment curse on enemies dealing Necrotic Damage over Time.

What is the strongest build in the Last Epoch? ›

The Echo Warpath Void Knight build has high damage potential and high mobility, making it one of the best builds for farming and clearing content. This build is easy to play for new players because of the simple skill requirements.

What are the best passives for Warlock in the Last Epoch? ›

Best Last Epoch Warlock passives

Put five points in Soul Stealer for the chance to gain mana on hit. Recommended passives for survivability are Harrowing Armor, Dark Protections, Wither, and Malefic Body. Lich passives: upgrade Apocrypha if you need better mana regeneration.

What is the best class in the Last Epoch? ›

The Last Epoch Falconer is at the top of this Last Epoch tier list thanks to its high versatility and sheer damage potential. You can build the Falconer in many different ways, ranging from a Falcon-focused playstyle with Dive Bomb attacks to a more calculated playstyle with Smoke Bomb evasion and Ballista placements.

Who is the most powerful Warlock? ›

The Genie is the most powerful entity in the Warlock subclasses and a major character build in Dungeons & Dragons in general. The Warlock subclass is incredible in its range of imaginative abilities, with the player creatively coming up with all sorts of solutions with the opportunities given.

What is the most powerful Warlock spec? ›


By far the best Warlock spec for solo leveling, even in Dragonflight, is Demonology. The two main reasons for this are that it has a wide selection of tanky demons to choose from that can defend you while you cast spells from afar.

What is the highest corruption build in the Last Epoch? ›

The Warlock mastery takes the top spot as the strongest class in Last Epoch for high corruption builds.

Is Last Epoch grindy? ›

Summary. Players find Last Epoch's alt system overly grindy and time-consuming. The repetitive nature of grinding corruption and blessings deters some from creating alts. Suggestions include making corruption and blessings account-wide for a smoother alt experience.

What is the maximum legendary potential in the Last Epoch? ›

Excluding a handful of leveling Uniques, every Unique in Last Epoch can drop with 1-4 Legendary Potential. This number represents how many affixes a Unique can steal from an Exalted item. The higher the number, the more affixes that Unique can obtain when it becomes a Legendary.

What is a warlock best attribute? ›

Stamina. Stamina increases the player's health pool. This can be a very beneficial attribute for a warlock since warlocks often utilize their health as an additional resource.

What is the strongest warlock class? ›

Dawnblade is arguably the best subclass in all of Destiny 2 right now. What truly makes Dawnblade tick is the selection of Aspects available. Each option is as strong as the next, and Solar Warlocks are completely spoiled for choice, as each option is entirely viable.

What class works best with Warlock? ›

Every Warlock Multiclass Combo In D&D 5e, Ranked
  1. 1 The Paladin Class Is Tough And Uses CHA For Magic.
  2. 2 The Sorcerer Class Expands A Warlock's Arcane Options. ...
  3. 3 The Bard Class Uses CHA And Offers New Skills. ...
  4. 4 The Fighter Class Likes Hex And Lifedrinker. ...
  5. 5 The Rogue Class Offers New Skills And Likes Pact Of The Blade. ...
Mar 18, 2024

What is the best mastery build in the Last Epoch? ›

The Necromancer is undoubtedly the best mastery because you can summon hordes of the undead, as found in our guide to the best Last Epoch Acolyte builds with our Skeletal Mage Necromancer. This lets you sit back and let your minions do the work for you, essentially.

What is the best starter class in the Last Epoch? ›

If you're brand new to Last Epoch or ARPGs in general, I highly suggest checking out the Sentinel Paladin first, as you can completely experiment with it and see what kind of playstyle you prefer.

Can you fully respec in the Last Epoch? ›

No matter what class you're using or how far along you are in the game, you're able to fully respec both your Mastery and Skill Points in Last Epoch.

Who is the most powerful warlock destiny? ›

Every Guardian considers Osiris to be the strongest Warlock alive, and based on his accomplishments, it is hard to disagree. During the Battle of Six Fronts, Osiris used his echoes to fend off Fallen at each wall, and this act alone made him a hero and the first Vanguard Commander.

What is the best corruption class in the Last Epoch? ›

The Warlock mastery takes the top spot as the strongest class in Last Epoch for high corruption builds.

What is the highest stat for Warlock? ›

Charisma. Like Bards and Sorcerers, Warlocks are Charisma-based arcane spellcasters, making and Sorcerers, Warlocks are Charisma-based arcane spellcasters, which makes Charisma a no-brainer to assign as the Warlock's primary and highest stat.

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