How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost? Average Pricing By Procedure (2024)

Average Veterinary Pricing by Procedure

When your dog, cat, or other pet needs to see the vet, there are a variety of factors that can impact the total price of your final bill. Below, we'll explore some of the common reasons your pet may need to see a veterinarian, as well as the average costs for routine checkups or specialty treatments and procedures.

When to Take Your Pet to the Vet

Your pet may need to see a vet for many different reasons, and how much it costs depends on the type of vet visit. Common reasons to take a pet to the vet include:

  • Routine checkups: Routineveterinary examsare similar to human physicals. They're meant to help keep your pet healthy by assessing their overall wellness, treat any ongoing conditions, and follow up on any concerns you may have.
  • Vaccinations: You may have to set up a series of appointments to make sure your pet gets the properly scheduled vaccination shots to help prevent conditions like rabies and Bordetella.
  • Illness: Maybe your pet isn't drinking much water, or they're throwing up. You'll want to take them in for a sick visit, where your vet will check their baseline health and may recommend running some tests to figure out what's going on.
  • Emergencies: There may be a time that you're pet needs immediate medical attention, which means an emergency vet visit. Emergency visits can mean the difference between life and death, and you can expect that thecost of an emergency vet visitwill be higher due to specialized equipment and treatments.1
  • Surgical/Specialty visits: You may need to see a specialist to set up surgical procedures likespaying or neutering,dental extractions, fracture repairs,foreign object removal, orcancer-related surgery orchemotherapy treatment.

National Average Cost for a Vet Visit

The national average cost for a routine vet visit is between $25-$186.2During a routine veterinary appointment, your vet will perform a physical exam to assess your pet's health. The vet will likely check for:

  • Vitals: heart rate, breathing, temperature, weight
  • Signs of infection: ears, eyes, nose, mouth
  • Parasites: coat and skin

Average vet visit cost by state*

State Average Cost2
Alabama $61.26
Alaska $80.06
Arizona $79.28
Arkansas $68.06
California $71.45
Colorado $77.72
Connecticut $93.44
Delaware $76.41
Florida $60.41
Georgia $67.12

* To see all the states click here.

Routine Veterinary Exam Costs by Procedure

A routine veterinary exam is a good time to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet's health and to get preventive treatment for common health issues.

Procedure Average Cost
Routine vet visit $50-$2503
Fleas and tick prevention $22-$27 per month4
Heartworm prevention $9-$11 per month4
Heartworm test $35-$504
Deworming medication $50-$1505

Dog and Cat Vaccine Pricing Info

On average, vaccinations for dogs and cats will cost between $20-$60, and can help protect them from catching serious diseases, like rabies.4

Vaccination cost for dogs

Here are the average costs of some common vaccinations your dog may need:

Type of Vaccination Average Cost4
Rabies $20-$30
DHPP $20-$60
Bordetella $30
Leptospirosis $30
Lyme $45
Influenza $20-$55

Vaccination cost for cats

Here are the average costs of some common vaccinations your cat may need:

Type of Vaccination Average Cost6
Rabies $20-$30
FVRCP $20-$40
Feline Leukemia $25-$45
Bordetella $10-$30
Feline Chlamydia $20-$40

Veterinary Tests and Diagnostic Costs

You'll want to set up a special appointment with your vet if you think your pet is sick (or worse). For example, the following are symptoms your pet may exhibit which could require further evaluation, tests, and diagnosis from your veterinarian:6

  • Increased thirst
  • Changes in appetite
  • Increased urination
  • Lethargy or tiredness
  • Panting
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Body odor
  • Breathing rate
  • Whining
  • Coat or skin changes
  • Behavior changes

If your pet is exhibiting signs of an illness, your vet will likely want to run some tests to help determine what's going on. They may require things like blood tests, X-rays, or fecal exams.3

Type of Test Average Cost3
Blood work $80-$200
Heartworm test $45-$50
Fecal Exam $25-$45
X-Ray $150-$250
Ultrasound $300-$600
Allergy testing $195-$300
Geriatric screening $85-$110

Once your vet has the results, they will provide a course of treatment to address the cause of your pet's symptoms and hopefully help your fur baby feel better.

Below is the average cost of diagnosing and treating some common health problems your pet may experience.

Condition or Illness Average Cost7
Ear infection $149
Allergies $249
Skin infection $175
Upset stomach $385
Diarrhea $203
Bladder issues $617
Eye infection $115
Arthritis $255
Hypothyroidism $123
Sprains $267
Urinary Tract Condition (UTI) $295
Kidney Failure $485
Diabetes $276
Colon Issues $203
Upper Respiratory Infection $219

Emergency Vet Care Costs

An emergency veterinarian visit is an unscheduled trip to the vet to get help for your pet in an urgent or critical situation. There are many reasons you might need to take a pet to see an emergency veterinarian, such as:8

  • Vomiting and diarrhea: Frequent vomiting and diarrhea can be signs that something serious is going on, like an obstruction, gastroenteritis or pancreatitis.
  • Trauma: Bite wounds, electrical shock or being hit by a car
  • Toxins: When you know you're pet has consumed foods or chemicals that are poisonous, like antifreeze, human medications, chocolate, insecticides, certain plants and other toxic substances a visit to the emergency vet may be needed.

The price of an emergency vet visit will depend on the situation, but you can anticipate that it will bemore expensivethan a routine visit due to specialized care and testing. Below are the costs for initial assessment, stabilization, and treatment.

Emergency Vet Procedures Average Cost9
ER Exam $100-$200
IV catheter $60-$75
IV fluids $60-$95
Blood test $80-$200
Urine test $40-$70
Blood pressure test $150-$250
Pain medication $40-$80
Oxygen Therapy $500-$3,000
Wound treatment $800-$2,500
Emergency Surgery $1,500-$5,000
Hospitalization $600-$3,500

Surgery and Specialty Treatment Costs

If your pet has an underlying condition, or something is discovered as a result of testing during a wellness check, your vet may recommend specialized treatment. The cost of these treatments ranges widely depending on the type of care needed and the type of animal.

We've outlined some common treatments and average associated costs below:

Surgery/Specialty Treatment Average Cost10
Spay/neutering $160-$2203
Teeth Cleaning $70711
Cancer Treatment $4,000
Diabetes $1,600-$2,900
Vision Care $220-$320
Heart Murmur $1,140
Bladder/Urinary Tract Infection $1,053
Kidney Disease $1,318
Dental Disease/Periodontitis $768
Hernia Surgery $700-$2,500
Tumor Removal $300-$1,600
Femoral Head Ostectomy Surgery (FHO) $1,200-$2,500
Stomach Foreign Object $2,900-$3,265

Average Vet Visit Cost by State (Continued)

State Average Cost2
Hawaii $69.28
Idaho $67.72
Illinois $70.89
Indiana $74.39
Iowa $60.74
Kansas $56.09
Kentucky $61.30
Louisiana $63.33
Maine $81.08
Maryland/Washington DC $80.65
Massachusetts $85.06
Michigan $52.78
Minnesota $76.94
Mississippi $70.55
Missouri $65.94
Montana $55.72
Nebraska $55.00
Nevada $65.44
New Hampshire $75.32
New Jersey $87.11
New Mexico $66.79
New York $84.72
North Carolina $66.67
North Dakota $62.97
Ohio $58.43
Oklahoma $53.44
Oregon $65.94
Pennsylvania $65.91
Rhode Island $79.17
South Carolina $73.00
South Dakota $60.58
Tennessee $64.56
Texas $66.81
Utah $70.11
Vermont $73.54
Virginia $69.67
Washington $79.74
West Virginia $64.28
Wisconsin $71.11
Wyoming $61.42

The information, opinions and recommendations expressed in the article are for informational purposes only. Information has been obtained from sources generally believed to be reliable. However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by our sources, or any other, Synchrony and any of its affiliates, including CareCredit, (collectively, “Synchrony") does not provide any warranty as to the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information for its intended purpose or any results obtained from the use of such information. The data presented in the article was current as of the time of writing. Please consult with your individual advisors with respect to any information presented.

© 2023 Synchrony Bank.


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How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost? Average Pricing By Procedure (2024)


How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost? Average Pricing By Procedure? ›

A vet appointment usually costs between £40-£60. This will include a consultation and diagnosis.

How much would a vet visit cost? ›

A vet appointment usually costs between £40-£60. This will include a consultation and diagnosis.

How much are most vet visits? ›

A dog or cat routine veterinary visit costs on average between $50 and $250, depending on the services provided. Care for a sick pet can cost substantially more.

How much is a vet visit without insurance near me? ›

The average cost for a routine vet visit for a dog ranges from $50 to $250, according to CareCredit. Additionally, a heartworm test can cost between $35 and $504. Flea and tick prevention costs around $25 per month, and heartworm prevention is roughly $10 monthly.

How much should I budget for vet? ›

Overall vet costs including wellness check-ups, dental care, lab tests and vaccines can total between $700 and $1,500 per year.

Why do vets charge so much? ›

You are paying for expertise, equipment, consumables, drugs, anaesthesia and for the highly qualified Veterinary Surgeons and Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) who look after your pet – as well as the amazing reception and auxiliary staff that keep the practice afloat.

How much is a vet's prescription? ›

If an owner requests one, a veterinary practice must provide a written prescription. And they are allowed to charge a 'reasonable fee' for the service. Currently, across the UK, the price of a written prescription varies between £12 and £31.09 with an average cost of £21.29 (data obtained from 1600 practices).

Why are vet visits so expensive? ›

Equipment. Like human hospitals, veterinary clinics have diagnostic equipment that is expensive to purchase and maintain. Radiology is a huge investment, especially if state-of-the-art digital x-ray and ultrasound machines are utilized.

What is one of the largest expenses for veterinary practice? ›

Generally, the most expensive cost for any veterinary practice is the cost of labour.

How much are dog antibiotics without insurance? ›

Depending on the type of antibiotic and the size of your dog, the cost will vary. On average, a course of dog antibiotics costs between £10 and £30. With any antibiotics, it's important to consult your vet to ensure you're giving your dog the right medication.

How often should a dog go to the vet? ›

You should take your dog to the vet at least once a year for their annual check-up and more often when they are a puppy or senior dog. Dogs age faster than humans, so regular check-ups are vital to help them remain healthy and prevent diseases.

Why are dog blood tests so expensive? ›

Dog blood tests can cost a lot because they provide information about your pet's overall health, from detecting minor issues like dehydration to critical issues like cancer. The minor imbalances uncovered in blood work can help point your dog's vet to serious underlying issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What are the costs for vets? ›

In November 2023 we surveyed 73 vets all around the country. The average cost in the UK of a vet consultation stands at £53.82. There's massive variation nationwide. The cheapest price we found for a vet consultation was £26.28 at a practice in North Wales and the most expensive was £69 in North London.

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet? ›

Like human hospitals, veterinary clinics have diagnostic equipment that is expensive to purchase and maintain. Radiology is a huge investment, especially if state-of-the-art digital x-ray and ultrasound machines are utilized.

How much is an overnight stay at the vets? ›

Average UK cost of an overnight vet stay

Your vet surgeon may recommend keeping your pet overnight to continue treatment, care, or in emergency cases. A vet clinic overnight stay with a drip treatment can begin from £300.

Do you have to pay for a follow-up appointment at the vets? ›

All consultations with a vet have a charge. An initial consultation fee is charged when a pet is seen for a new condition, or for the first time in 6 months for an ongoing condition. Follow-up appointments may be charged at a reduced fee where appropriate.

How much should I cover my dog for? ›

As a general rule, cover less than £5000 is likely to leave you with problems if your dog gets in a serious accident, and £7000 is the minimum most vets would consider to be fairly comprehensive.

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