Disney World Guest BEGS Parents to Actually Watch Their Children (2024)

When you drive through the gates of the Walt Disney World Resort, it truly feels like you have entered a magical place where dreams come true. You can wish upon stars, meet some of your favorite Disney characters, stare in wonder at beautiful nighttime spectaculars, and enjoy everything Disney has to offer.

Being in Disney World is like being in another world, where nothing bad can happen during your time at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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However, Disney World is not some alternate reality, and while it is unlike anywhere else, it is still in the real world. Every day, real families vacation there and have to deal with real problems.

And they do not need your children running amock and ruining their day.

One Redditor recently visited the parks and was shocked at how many parents let their kids run wild without a care in the world. They didn’t seem to care that their children were ruining the experience for other families.

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User Fireside_Horror took to the social media platform to voice their frustration and disgust.

I know Disney can be incredibly stressful and it’s tempting to let your children roam so you can enjoy things too but please watch them!

Obviously kids will be kids but I saw two things that were disgusting on my most recent trip. The first was at Space 220, when a young kid climbed over the back of their families booth and started walking all over a families table AND food. No clue what happened after but the poor family who was trying to eat had to get up and physically go up to their table to let them know their kid had become Godzilla to a bunch of space food.

The second was definitely WAY worse at 1900 Park Fare. Now plenty of kids were going crazy here because of the character interactions which I totally get and think is fun to see, but at the actual buffet a kid maybe 7-9 was at the strawberry soup desert station while both parents got prime rib on the other side of the room. The kid proceeded to dunk his finger in EVERY SINGLE BOWL taking a break to lick it completely clean before dunking it again. I stood there dumbfounded wondering if I should tell staff or even get a dessert myself at that point before his parents finally showed up to grab some too. He immediately told his mom he “tried” some and it was really good, and instead of wondering how he did so with no food on his plate just responded “oh that’s great honey” and walked away from the kid again!! Long story short, do not trust your children around food and keep an eye on them. You deserve to enjoy Disney too, but so do the people around you.

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Sadly, many commented that Fireside’s experience was not all that unusual. Commenters then shared their own horror stories about parents who did just not want to parent while they were on vacation.

At our last trip, we stayed at poly and my daughter was waiting in line so patiently for the water slide. These boys kept cutting her and the other little girls in line to the point where we weren’t getting any closer to riding this thing. I finally said something to them and said “please do not skip all these kids who have patiently been waiting” and the boys ran and told their parents. They looked like they had never been told no before. There was a dad standing in line with his daughter and was like “I’ve been wanting to say something for an hour now but felt like I couldn’t because I’m scared what other parents will do” which is sad.

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A lot of users also pointed out that the OP (Original Poster) should have immediately found a cast member after they saw the child sticking his fingers in the bowls of strawberry soup. Disney — and any other food service location — has to follow a very strict set of rules. This is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

A young child sticking their fingers in bowls of food and licking them violates a ton of food safety laws. Commenters said that a cast member should have been notified immediately, so no other guest would risk getting sick.

However, OP DID clarify that they did end up telling a cast member what they saw.

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While the OP noticed the children acting out, many pointed out that the kids did so because their parents taught them it was okay to do so. They encouraged the OP and any other guest not to be afraid to call out the parents when they see that happening.

If you choose to do that, it is important to be calm and respectful. If the other parent chooses to be rude, there is nothing you can do, except tell a cast member if things escalate. We have been seeing way too many fights break out at the parks, and you do not want to be one of the people being called out in those viral videos.

What is the worst behavior you have seen from a child or parent on your Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments!

Disney World Guest BEGS Parents to Actually Watch Their Children (2024)
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