Childfree by Choice by Dr. Amy Blackstone: 9781524744090 | Books (2024)

Praise for Dr. Amy Blackstone and Childfree by Choice“Weaving together personal anecdotes and sociological research, Blackstone makes the modern case that motherhood is a choice, rather than a duty, a destiny, or an instinct.”—Ms. Magazine

“With quiet humor and without stridency, the author explores the subtle and not-so-subtle pressures people, in particular married women, feel to have children and the conscious or unconscious assumption that life without children is incomplete and that a ‘family’ must include children… a thoroughly researched and illuminating survey. [Childfree by Choice] will provide intellectual backing for those who have made—or are thinking of making—the choice Blackstone has made and make those who consider children essential to universal happiness reconsider their position.”—Kirkus“Thoughtfully addressing harmful stereotypes with personal stories and sociological data, this will help those who choose a nonparenting path articulate their decision and push back against the criticisms leveled at them by family, friends, and strangers alike.”—Library Journal

“Awell-reasoned, evidence-based study of people who choose not to have children… Blackstone makes an impactful case for an inclusive approach toward people’s decision of whether to have children. Though this book’s offerings are much more substantial than mere peer support, childfree readers will certainly feel affirmed, and possibly inspired to pass copies along to those who doubt their choices.”—Publishers Weekly“[Blackstone] challenges the stereotypes and debunks the myths about people who choose not to become parents in this insightful examination… An illuminating read sympathetic to both nonparents and parents alike.”—Booklist

“Amy Blackstone explores the lives of people who have chosen not to have children, and puts to rest the idea that such people are ungenerous, showing us a wonderful swathe of humanity neither more nor less selfish than their peers. Writing with wit and self-assurance, she skewers the common perception that it is normal to want children, and presents another set of options, another way of life, another means to do good in the world. In her capacious work, childfree emerges as not a second choice, but a cherished identity.”—New York Timesbestselling author and National Book Award winner Andrew Solomon

“Plenty of people don’t want to be parents, and thus find themselves pariahs. In this rigorously reported and passionately personal exploration of the what non-parents face in our pronatal – and super judgy – world, Blackstone vanquishes the stigma of childfree adulthood in the name of choice, and offers perspective for a meaningful, connectedlife—pariahs no more.”—Lauren Sandler, award-winning journalist and the author of One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child

“In her new book Childfree by Choice, Sociologist and Childfree Blogger, Dr. Amy Blackstone offers a veritable State of the Childfree Union, going beyond the stereotypes and giving us the full spectrum of diverse motives, perspectives, and voices and a clearer understanding of the cultural, social, and economic drivers of this emerging movement. The research presented often debunks the common myths around this choice while reminding us the choice to remain childfree is simply a choice made by individuals and couples in the pursuit of happiness and self actualization, much the same way our friends make the choice to become parents.”—Laura S. Scott, author of Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice and Director of The Childless by Choice Project

“Living Childfree by Choice does not mean living a life free of children to love. Childfree ‘other mothers’ and ‘other fathers’ will benefit deeply from Blackstone’s insightful look at the integral role these generous friends and family members play in the modern family village. Their legacy isn’t birthed; it’s earned.”—Melanie Notkin, founder and national bestselling author ofSAVVY AUNTIE® – A Modern Celebration of Aunthood,and OTHERHOOD®: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness.“Anyone who’s already eschewed reproducing will devour [Childfree by Choice]…. It’s calm, and filled with validation and affirmation to counter the guilt-tripping. Statistics and case studies further offer a sense of affinity for like-minded readers but, they aren’t the only ones to benefit from reading this book… it’s rich in information for non-parents and parents alike. Childfree by Choice is for anyone concerned about today’s family life, so bump it to the top of your TBR list.”—Terri Schlichenmeyer (The Bookworm Sez)

“In my comedy, I’ve discussed a lot of topics wherein I personally differ from the mainstream, with respect to things like veganism, polyamory, drugs, religion, and children. I think it’s important for minority views to be discussed thoughtfully, so that people who share such views can find their tribe, so that other people who might resonate with them can be exposed to different viewpoints, and so that the status quo can be respectfully challenged, not necessarily to take it down, but to make space for a diversity of perspectives, which can only serve to make society stronger and more inclusive, and allow everyone all the opportunities to know themselves and their options as fully as possible. For this reason, I recommend everyone pick up Amy Blackstone’sChildfree by Choice!”—Comedian Myq Kaplan

“Amy Blackstone’s deep dive into this taboo subject is grounded in serious scholarship, but delivered with the wit and empathy to resonate with the childfree and parents alike. Beyond the personal conversations this book will surely spark, Childfree By Choice should be required reading for anyonecreatingpublic policyaffecting women’s bodies and lives.”—Therese Shechter, director “My So-Called Selfish Life”

“This is the book I’ve been waiting for. Amy Blackstone offersdeep research,much food for thought, and a great excuse to open those important discussions about the childfree choice.”—Maxine Trump, writer and filmmaker,To Kid or Not to Kid

“A sweeping overview of everything you wanted to know about people who choose not to be parents. From a history of fertility, to the social movement that began in the 1970’s, to interviews with childfree adults today, and peppered with the author’s own life experiences, Childfree by Choice is a very enjoyable read about an often misunderstood portion of the population.”—Barbara J. Risman, College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Childfree by Choice is a smart, entertaining, and comprehensive look at the history of the childfree movement and the societal pressures experienced by those who choose not to have children, coming at an important point in society’s recognition of the right of people to set their own course in life, and the importance of long-term thinking on the future of the planet and the wellbeing of all of its inhabitants. Not to be missed.”—William Ryerson, President, Population Media Center

Childfree by Choice by Dr. Amy Blackstone: 9781524744090 | Books (2024)
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