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1. The Robot Report

  • The Robot Report provides robotics news, research, analysis and investment tracking for engineers, technology, and business professionals.

2. GVSU in photos, January 2023: A march of silence and reverence ...

  • 1 feb 2023 · Eddie Glaude Jr., a distinguished university professor and chair of African American Studies at Princeton University, chats with Brianna ...

  • See the images that caught our eye in the last month.

3. SAM on LinkedIn

4. Drone-Based Community Assessment, Planning, and Disaster Risk ...

  • 30 apr 2021 · In this paper, we present a concept of aerial data collection, 3D cadastre modeling, and disaster risk assessment using low-cost drones and ...

  • Accessible, low-cost technologies and tools are needed in the developing world to support community planning, disaster risk assessment, and land tenure. Enterprise-scale geographic information system (GIS) software and high-resolution aerial or satellite imagery are tools which are typically not available to or affordable for resource-limited communities. In this paper, we present a concept of aerial data collection, 3D cadastre modeling, and disaster risk assessment using low-cost drones and adapted open-source software. Computer vision/machine learning methods are used to create a classified 3D cadastre that contextualizes and quantifies potential natural disaster risk to existing or planned infrastructure. Building type and integrity are determined from aerial imagery. Potential flood damage risk to a building is evaluated as a function of three mechanisms: undermining (erosion) of the foundation, hydraulic pressure damage, and building collapse due to water load. Use of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) provides water runoff estimates that are improved using classified land features (urban ecology, erosion marks) to improve flow direction estimates. A convolutional neural network (CNN) is trained to find these flood-induced erosion marks from high-resolution drone imagery. A flood damage potential metric scaled by property value estimates results in individual and community property risk assessments.

5. Death Toll Climbs in Ukraine With Russia's `Double-Tap' Strikes

  • 18 uur geleden · ... aerial attacks while reportedly building up its forces. Russia uses ... forum with jurisdiction. Establishing the pattern of double-tap ...

  • The tactic adds to evidence of intent to kill civilians through targeted or indiscriminate attacks, including on aid workers and institutions.

6. Sunshine Girls: Photos and Galleries | Toronto Sun

  • SUNshine Girl Keisha · SUNshine Girl Kristy · SUNshine Girl Michelle

  • Keep up with who got picked as the Toronto Sun's Sunshine Girl of the Day.

7. This Daring Female Photographer Is Launching a New Book - The Cut

  • 27 apr 2018 · An exclusive preview of Brianna Capozzi's new “Well Behaved Women” book featuring eight of the photographer's female muses, including Chloë ...

  • Actress Chloë Sevigny and intersex model Hanne Gaby Odiele are among the eight photographed female trailblazers.

8. South Korean politician did not 'refuse to bow' during military ceremony

  • 7 dagen geleden · The photo was shared in similar posts here, here and here on South Korean forum Naver Band. ... Brianna. Starmer never let him forget that ...

  • South Korean politician Han Dong-hoon came under fire online over a photo that posts falsely said showed he "refused to bow" at a memorial service for soldiers killed in a 2002 naval skirmish with North Korea. The photo was in fact taken a split second before Han bowed alongside fellow politicians, as seen in video footage of the ceremony captured by multiple news agencies.

Brianna Aerial Forum (2024)
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