7 Minute Freestyle Lyrics - Big L feat. Jay-Z (2024)

[Big L]
Yo check it out
yo check it
yo i got slugs for snitches
no love for bitches
puttin thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches
i got a rep that make police jet
known to get a priest sweat
i never beg for puss* like keith sweat
is Big L slow? hell no
Bitches get f*cked on the roof when i aint got no hotel dough
im known for yoking jap's and beating them with smoking gats

leave you toking blacks with broken backs and open caps
so if that bull~sh*t steps to the rear son
the last thing you want with Big L is a fair one
cus in the street brawl I strike men like lightning
you seen what happen in my last fight friend? aight then
i beat kids with lead pipes
i leave trails of dead mic's
where im from nigg*s jewels get ran like red lights
old folks get mugged and raided
crimes are drug related
and we live by the street rules that thugs created
clowns get smoked about a thousand folks
for sellin pounds of co*ke
front in this town and get a tech stuck down your throat
im tellin you sh*t is about to get drastic soon
im quick to blast a goon and break a mother f*cker like a plastic spoon
i got the looks that make your hottie stare
i keep a shotty near

its that nigg* with nottie here who got it there
tracks im known to roast until the microphone is ghost
props i own the most, im leavin nigg*z comatose
front and get your brain pinched
Big L'll have your whole gang linched
i started smoking dust and been insane since
this rap sh*t was a great gift
the other night some snake riffed and got a hot lead face lift
all through high school i had braids
i kept mad blades
stabbin teachers to death that gave me bad grades
i cook the mic like a beef stake cus my techneques great
and im the nigg* police hate in each state
cus im the neighbour hood lamper, bone brother
nigg* f*ck around you find my silk boxers in your mothers hamper
cops drop when my glock makes the pow sound
im from a wild town u know my style clown so bow down

word up.. 95 style.. i got my man Jay-Z here..

check it
check check
check it out now
Ayo brothers get bagged and borrowed
still feel sorrow when Jay-Z like zorrow
gettin that ass better luck tommorow
im too much nigg* so never should you rush
you need to slow down or get your ass towed out
check it out, im too co*cky to stop me u gotta kill me
and when im gone u can still feel me
on the real bee
this sh*t is eternal i rock the heavens well
even if they wont let me in heaven i raise hell
till its heaven
recognise, the black cat with the nine lives

get up off me nigg* its bad luck to cross me
im poppin crystal shootin game like mid salls
as projected all hoe's effected by this style
i mack like goldie
go back like the oldie
much a goodie
pullin R 'n' B bitches wearin hoodies
they dont be knowin the way i be flowin
when i be going i be runin the track like - jessie owens
i disrupt the natural scheme
the way that you do things with a sling and have em rockin like ?????
you say never you run
if ever you come
is never you run
so fast in your life to never have one
c'mon and ride the rhythm
i produce like ji*zm
just like the gods ill start with knowladge then follow with wisdom

proclaim to understanding
im landing, blowsing
knocking sence into those that oppose me
intice em, then slice em through tracks
you screamin jesus~christ he's back and god knows he can rap
me n L put rhythm on the map
so give em his zap
and me i just take mine
gimme those, gimme this, gimme that, f*ck that
you never see me streesed
in the G-S
on the prize
my greedy eyes cant see no less
jigga incredible
even my thoughts is federal
like kidnap n extorsion n corruption
so you know
beatin me'll never come
like a nun, nor tommorow
im too through nigg*
i make moves
cross valves to move
when im creepin through your way with a thousand little dudes
um.. we make peace like islam
i make your eyes rise like yeast
suprise, i feel
no fear when facin yall
bet your lyrics jump off the tracks like racing cars
MC's tryin to be the best
and even in dying coudent beat his death
i see no reason to stop cheeseing
ever since L said throw's 3 G's in
and we can get down and split the wealth
thats when i found i can do it myself

i get up
yeah yeah

7 Minute Freestyle Lyrics - Big L feat. Jay-Z (2024)
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