6 Best Mystery Box Sites in 2024 (2024)

Best Mystery Box Sites in 2024

Mystery box websites are online platforms where customers can purchase boxes containing random items, such as collectibles, electronics, or clothing. You usually don’t know what’s inside the box until you get it. Some sites specialize in specific types of items or themes, while others have a mix of everything. It’s like getting a surprise gift, but you’re the one buying it.

With this blog, we’ll be diving deep into some of the best mystery boxes sites as of 2024, and what you should expect from them as a customer. There are a ton of websites to choose from, but we’re here to help you make the right choice.

What Makes Mystery Boxes So Popular?

Mystery boxes have taken the modern e-commerce world by storm. These boxes offer unique surprises, leaning heavily on our innate curiosity and the need to discover new things. Every visit to a mystery box website will have you asking a million questions. Will it be an expensive watch, an officially signed apparel, a rare collectible, or just a voucher worth 10 cents? You never know, and that is precisely what drives this business to heights of grandeur.

Stick around if you want to dive into the world of mystery boxes. You never know what they might have in store for you!

What Is An Online Mystery Box?

Mystery boxes come in various shapes and sizes but can be generally grouped into two categories, virtual and physical mystery boxes.

Virtual mystery boxes are often purchased online through mystery box websites and contain virtual goods and items such as cash vouchers, game items, gift cards, and even NFTs. Virtual mystery boxes are more instant as all items are yours with a single click.

Physical mystery boxes can be purchased both online or physically through any vendor that offers such goods and services. They contain more tangible goods like clothing, accessories, electronics, and even iconic art pieces.

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Is It Legal To Buy Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes are completely legal to purchase for a plethora of reasons. Most of the reliable mystery box websites provide various facts that ensure that the purchase of these packages remains within the economic laws defined by most countries.

Websites will list the minimum value of packages so that you are always aware of the guaranteed amount you are getting. Moreover, the odds for every product are clearly listed which in combination with random algorithms ensures fairness when purchasing the boxes. Furthermore, most sites restrict the minimum age for using them to 18 years. Rest assured, you are within the confines of law when dealing with mystery boxes.

6 Best Mystery Box Sites in 2024 (2)

Here are some of the more preferred websites by people who love mystery boxes, and they include,

  • HypeDrop– Best for Authentic Products
  • Jemlit – Best for Electronics
  • Mysteryopening– Best Value for Money
  • Hybe– Best Loyalty VIP Program
  • Dripdraw – Best for Designer Apparel
  • DrakeMall – Best for Variety

How to Choose the Best Mystery Box Site

If you like the idea of Mystery Boxes, be cautious as it is a very tricky business, and can be fairly tough to find the right provider. There aren’t many trustworthy websites out there, so make sure to look out for the following factors when looking for your ideal Mystery Box website.


When looking for a mystery box website, it's important to check the reputation of the company. Look for websites that have good customer reviews, and a history of satisfied customers. This will give you an idea of the quality of their products and customer service. A good way would be to check the website’s rating on TrustPilot and see what existing players have to say.


Check the variety and quality of boxes offered on the website. Make sure they offer boxes that interest you and that they have a good track record of providing high-quality items.

Shipping and Handling

Look for websites that offer affordable and reliable shipping options. Make sure the website offers shipping to your location, and that they have a good track record of delivering items on time.

Return and Exchange

Check their policy in case you're not happy with your box. You want to know what your options are if you don't like what you get. More often than not, Mystery Box websites will allow you to exchange your product for on-site credits that you can use to get yourself another box.

Payment and Security

Check that the website has a secure payment system and that it keeps your personal information safe. You don't want to risk your financial information or personal data being compromised.

Description and Transparency

The websites that we’ve listed above provide good examples of transparency. You want to know what you might get from a box so you don’t end up with too many duds and a whole lot of disappointment at the end of the day.

Customer Service

Look for websites that offer good customer service, so you can get help if you have any issues or questions. This will ensure that you have a smooth shopping experience and that you can get help if you need it.


If you are looking for specific branded items, ensure that the website is reputable and authentic, to avoid counterfeit items. Check reviews, and if possible, research the website to ensure it's not a scam site.

Best 6 Mystery Box Sites



HypeDrop is a mystery crates website that perhaps boasts the most variety out of all its competitors. You can expect authentic brands, and win it big with an expensive pair of Air Jordans or maybe even a Gucci purse!

Pros are as follows

  • Unique items in different boxes
  • A wide variety of mystery boxes is available
  • Fast delivery for buyers
  • Can pay in Cryptocurrency
  • Both cheap and expensive options are available

Cons include:

  • You will have to pay for your shipping cost
  • Certain items may be out-of-stock and might be substituted

When it comes to reputation, HypeDrop may have one of the most active user bases when it comes to Mystery Boxes. So, if you’d like to get your hands on some authentic apparel, then this is where you should be headed.



JemLit works like any other Mystery Box website. Register an account, and select the type of Mystery Box you want! You can get the Apple, Samsung, or any other type of Mystery Box depending on your preference.

Pros are as follows

  • You can get credits for items acquired through mystery boxes
  • There is a huge selection of mystery boxes available
  • Fast delivery

Cons include:

  • Lack of bonuses and promo codes
  • JemLit credits are particularly confusing
  • Not a high chance of unboxing valuable items



There aren’t a lot of Mystery Boxes available on MysteryOpening.com but if a few of them tickle your fancy, you could try them out! Its highlight has to be the cheap box which has a random assortment of items.

Pros are as follows

  • You can exchange items you don’t like for credit
  • Maintains transparency by providing a list of items available for their boxes
  • Multiple payment methods are available

Cons include:

  • No guaranteed value
  • Delivery may take some time

The website has a little something for everyone. If you like the ‘mystery’ of these boxes, you can order one of these for yourself without breaking the bank at MysteryOpening.com.



Buying Mystery Boxes is a fun experience, and Hybe really adds to that fun with its huge selection of boxes. Add one to your cart, checkout, and see what you get!

Pros are as follows

  • Free shipping on high-value orders
  • Cashback vouchers on purchases
  • Dedicated customer support and a discord server.

Cons include:

  • Have a higher price on mystery boxes compared to its competitors
  • Shipping costs have to be borne by the buyer
  • Slow delivery

With Hybe.com’s boxes, you might be lucky enough to get products from some of the top brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more!



Getting started with DripDraw is easy, like any other Mystery Box website. After creating an account, you can order Mystery Boxes like the Pokemon one, or even the PlayStation 5 one. They’re all priced differently depending on the kinds of goods they offer.

Pros are as follows

  • Large assortment of boxes available for purchase
  • User-friendly and accessible interface
  • Can trade in the items you don’t like

Cons include:

  • Shipping charges are a little expensive
  • Relatively new with not a lot of customers

Compared to other Mystery Boxes, there are certainly a lot of unique products you can get from DripDraw with its uniquely themed boxes that are as good as they look!



Started in 2017, DrakeMall has caught the attention of people interested in Mystery Boxes. The website will reward you with bonus codes for maybe even a free mystery box, adding to the fun of the overall experience.

Pros are as follows

  • Large selection of boxes available
  • VIP system in place
  • Promos and bonuses

Cons include:

  • Fees on shipping
  • Fast delivery

Its VIP system is meant to reward loyal users that enjoy unboxing. Moreover, if you want to stick by them, there is a ton of variety available in their Mystery Boxes!

What Are The Return Policies Of Mystery Boxes?

Different mystery box websites offer varying return policies and conditions but generally, no site will accept returns after the products have been used or tampered with. However, many provide excellent customer support to cater to exceptions with faulty or damaged products. Return policies of some major websites can be seen below:


HypeDrop does not take returns for mystery boxes but will refund credits for damaged or faulty products.


JemLit does not take returns for mystery boxes under any conditions and also does not provide refunds with cash. However, users can exchange won items for JemLit credits.


DripDraw accepts returns of faulty or unqualified items within 30 days of delivery and may also provide refunds to users after proper inspection of the damaged goods.


Hybe also accepts returns within 30 days of delivery if the products are damaged and may also provide compensation in the form of Hybe Cash within 48 hours of approval.


MysteryOpening does not offer any refunds but allows for the return of unwanted digital goods by selling them through their platform.


DrakeMall offers returns within 60 days of delivery of damaged goods and may provide complete refunds after making sure that the user was not at fault for the damage(s).

How Mystery Box Sites Work


Browse the mystery box website and select a box that interests you


Register an account and use our promo code to give yourself a headstart


Review the box's contents and value, as well as any additional information provided by the seller


Proceed to checkout and pay for the box using your preferred method of payment


Wait for the box to be shipped to you. The shipping time will vary depending on the seller and your location


Once you receive the box, open it to reveal the contents


If you are not satisfied with the contents, check the website's return policy. Some websites may offer a refund or exchange if you are not satisfied with your purchase


So, mystery box websites can be a lot of fun! But it’s important to pick a good one. Make sure to check all the factors that we’ve mentioned in this article before you decide to order a box. There are a lot of mystery box sites out there, but the best ones in 2023 will be the ones that give you the most bang for your buck. Do your research, read reviews, and compare different websites before buying.

Beware though, even reviews on Trustpilot are not worth trusting sometimes. This is because a lot of websites tend to have inflated reviews which can cause you to fall into a scam. We recommend checking out sites like ours to ensure that you don’t fall into scams and also to always do your independent research through channels like YouTube and Reddit.


What is the best mystery box?

That answer is up to you. With a wide selection of mystery boxes on various websites, you’re going to want to go for the one that offers you the items that you need.

Where can I find a mystery box?

There are a ton of websites offering mystery box services that you can get. Feel free to check out the ones mentioned in this list and you might be able to score yourself a new iPhone or even some expensive apparel while you’re at it!

How do you get a Mystery Box fast?

The best way to do so is to find a service that is located very close to you which can considerably decrease the time it requires to ship said mystery boxes to you.

What are the chances of getting jackpot from a mystery box?

This is subject to change depending on each website and the terms of the mystery box. You can win huge prizes worth six figures by buying these boxes, however, there’s usually less than a 1% chance that you’ll get it.

How many times can you use the mysterious box?

As many times as you like! Order as many as you’d like to open. We’d recommend testing out different boxes from different websites to see which offer the most return.

What Are Some Of The Best Mystery Box Websites?

Below is a complete list of our picks for some of the top, most reliable, and popular mystery box websites in the world.

  1. Hype Drop – has excellent and unique packages with a wide variety and affordable rates. They also accept cryptocurrency as payment which increases accessibility.
  2. JemLit – has a wide selection of products available for you to choose from. It also allows users to convert unwanted products into JemLit credits or Jems.
  3. MysteryOpening – allows you to exchange unwanted items with new ones and also provides a list of all possible rewards you can earn in a single box. This way you know exactly what it is you’re getting.
  4. Hybe – offers cashback on various purchases and provides free shipping for larger orders. In addition to this, they have an excellent customer support service that offers help through Discord as well.
  5. Through DripDraw you can trade in unwanted items for different ones and the site provides a modern and user-friendly purchase experience making it much easier to traverse.
  6. DrakeMall has a wide variety of boxes available in its online collection. They also offer special VIP memberships with bonuses as well as exclusive vouchers for other users.

How Can I Get A Mystery Box?

Although each website has a different procedure, you can follow the generic steps below to get your hands on a mystery box online.

  1. First, go to any of the top mystery box websites mentioned above.
  2. Next, sign in or create a new account if you are new to the site.
  3. Go to your account settings and set up/link your payment option. Credit card or crypto wallet depending on the specific site.
  4. Then, browse and purchase a mystery box of your liking or unlock a free daily box depending on the platform.
  5. You can open the box immediately if it is virtual, if not, fill in your shipping details for delivery.
  6. You will receive the package within the mentioned delivery time by the website.

These general steps will help you obtain your first mystery box from any website with ease.

Is Buying Mystery Boxes Gambling?

Many people confuse the purchase of mystery boxes with gambling, however, this is not true as there is no official record that links them together, and unboxing a package for a specific amount does not amount to gambling.

Why Buy A Mystery Box?

Aside from experiencing the thrill of not knowing what you get, mystery boxes can actually help you obtain items far more valuable than the purchase value of the box itself. If you are lucky, you can earn expensive goods at a much cheaper rate.

Can You Get A Mystery Box Everyday?

Yes, some websites such as MysteryOpening and Royale Cases offer free daily boxes for all users. Even if the site does not offer daily boxes, there is no limit to how many boxes you can purchase at a given time.

Are Mystery Boxes Random?

Yes, all top mystery box websites ensure fairness by incorporating completely random methods of including products in their packages. This makes sure that no one can abuse or exploit the system.

6 Best Mystery Box Sites in 2024 (2024)


What is the best mystery box website? ›

8 Best Mystery Subscription Boxes
  1. Escape The Crate - Best Bi-Monthly Mystery Subscription Box. ...
  2. Finders Seekers - Best Mystery Subscription Box for Discovering New Cultures. ...
  3. Murder & Co - Best Mystery Subscription Box for Adults. ...
  4. My Thrill Club - Best Mystery Book Subscription Box.

How do I find mystery boxes? ›

Mystery Boxes can be found by smashing open rocks, inside crates or barrels in the Mines, and dropped as loot from killing enemies. Since the Mines provide so many chances of finding a Mystery Box, you're likely to come out with more than one after a days worth of Mining.

Is RillaBox real? ›

Rest assured, all products are fully authenticated by StockX or the official vendors. RillaBox also ensures 100% transparency through cryptographic mechanisms similar to those used in Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies, ensuring complete fairness in the unboxing process.

Why do companies sell mystery boxes? ›

Mystery boxes have taken pop culture by storm, becoming a staple in online buzz and consumer excitement. Brands use them to spark curiosity and provide novelty, moving products while engaging audiences. This trend has grown with the help of social media platforms where unboxing videos draw millions of views.

Is mystery boxes gambling? ›

Purchasing loot boxes has been associated heavily with gambling due to its element of chance. Unlike other in-game purchases, consumers don't know what they are buying; instead, they are paying to stand a chance of receiving some item of rarity, similar to a raffle or lottery.

What is hypedrop? ›

HYPEDROP brings a fresh new concept to online shopping with a side of fun. It elevates the concept of mystery boxes to a whole new level as you can choose the type of mystery box you want to open based on its content.

How to get free rillaboxes? ›

SIGN UP. Get started in seconds! Connect through Google, Facebook, or Twitter, or simply sign up with your email to unbox incredible mystery boxes here at RillaBox. Get a free boxBonus: Verify your email and you will instantly receive a FREE box in your inventory.

What is hapa box? ›

HapaBox is an online mystery boxes site with provably fair system. We use a provably fair method to determine each item unboxed. Every unboxing records can be tracked and verified. Customers could top-up and buy the mystery box online. Once unbox an item and choose to order, we will ship the product to the customer.

Are Memechat mystery boxes real? ›

Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last month I got my mystery box , it was a iPhone 12 , not a new one it was used but stillll it was way value for money I purchased the box just for 169rs with some coupon which I got from there insta handles. I tried it once but I didn't win Airpods or iPhone.

Are mystery boxes illegal? ›

In general, mystery boxes are legal as long as they comply with laws and regulations relating to gambling, consumer protection, and deceptive trade practices.

What is the mystery box strategy? ›

The Mystery Box is a marketing strategy that aims to create curiosity and buzz among potential customers by offering them a product that they cannot see or know until they buy it and open it.

What is the biggest subscription box company? ›

List of Top Companies Operating in the Subscription Box Industry Worldwide
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save (Amazon.com Inc.)
  • BarkBox.
  • Birchbox.
  • Blue Apron Holdings Inc.
  • Dollar Shave Club, Inc. (Unilever plc)
  • FabFitFun.
  • Glossybox (The Hut.com Ltd.)
  • Grove Collaborative Inc.

What is a mystery box website? ›

The concept of a mystery box is pretty simple. You pay a set price, and you receive a box of mystery items. In the case of a clothing mystery box, you'll receive a box full of clothes. The catch is that you don't know exactly what's inside. And that's the fun!

Are mystery kits authentic? ›

Yes! Every single kit/jersey you receive is authentic. We do not condone the promotion or sale of counterfeit products. AM I ABLE TO SELECT WHAT JERSEY I GET?

Are mystery boxes legal? ›

Manufacturers do not have any legal authority to stop you from selling their goods, or to stop using their copyrighted marketing collateral in conjunction with the sale of their goods. Is it legal to sell mystery boxes online? yes, it most certainly is!

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